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Hello, anyone pare this amp with HD800s? If it worth it? What is yours opinions?
I have a HD800s to and i wonder if i should buy the Groove for them. Apogee assure me than it 100% drive HD800s. Are you agree with this opinion?
Hi. If someone pairing the HD800S with Dragonfly Black, Red or Apogee Groove? Headphones arriving to me and i don't have much money write now for buy a solid amp. Any suggestions about good cheap combo? 
First i don't want to buy HD800 but HD800s (easier to drive). Second, i love this headphones because they have really huge 3d soundstage. I will plan buy a headphones for the future stereo system for a years. But i don't have money to buy write now good amp for thees headphones but absolutely minimum to sounds good and be portable.
If Groove manage to drive HD800s? 
Hi all! I plan a buy hd800s and i wonder if Groove really can drive them when i plug it to my MacBook Pro Retina? 
Hello Looking a few pair headphones in good offer value :-). Only Europe!!! cheers G.
Hi I'm interested a buy Fostex Th-X00. Only international users.
what budget headphone tube amp you reccomend for K812? Valhalla 2? Lyr? Or maybe Audio-gd dac/amp?
Hi friends I need firmware update tool with firmware 2014V3. On the site Audio-gd isn't available. Please help me!!!
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