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Hello Looking a few pair headphones in good offer value :-). Only Europe!!! cheers G.
Hi I'm interested a buy Fostex Th-X00. Only international users.
what budget headphone tube amp you reccomend for K812? Valhalla 2? Lyr? Or maybe Audio-gd dac/amp?
Hi friends I need firmware update tool with firmware 2014V3. On the site Audio-gd isn't available. Please help me!!!
Ok, so what amp are you reccomend? ****t Lyr 2 you think will be ok? But this amp in my country isn't pricy :-(. Something else?
I agree. They Play with ipod or iPhone, but don't so good. I heard the opinion that they not so easy to drive and if better source or amp the play better
Hello guys. I have a 5 days my K812 but in my opinion they sounds little too flat and too high. They don't have a power of sound. My source is a Asus Xonar STX and amp AT-HA5000. You think that they will must burn much more longer and they change sound? Or maybe i must change the lane? I wonder of this:  http://www.moon-audio.com/fostex-hp-a4.html. Any suggestions? I don't have much money so it must be a budget.
what do you think about this: http://www.lake-people.de/produktdetails/product/G109-S.html - a budget model of V200?
hello guys what amp or cable you reccommend for more open stage in K812?
Hi guys If you want sell or hear to anybody want sell K812 than i am very interested a buing the one. Please let me know
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