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I imagine Amazon will have them at some point, but we are probably talking months away unfortunately.I'm in the UK and ordered mine direct from V-MODA. I paid for priority shipping at $30, so with the current exchange rate you're looking at about £30 for pads and shipping. I bought other stuff at the same time, so my package got stopped and charged at customs. All still arrived within 2 weeks from despatch though.
If you bought the pads and nothing else, they should be under the allowed limit for duty (£18 I believe) as the exchange rate should make them around £12-13 and you won't be charged anything.I bought custom shields and a spare cable with mine, so I might get fees if customs decides to have a look at the package. The annoying thing is that the duty won't be very much, but they tack on a handling charge for collecting the fees which is often more than what you owe the...
Baa..... Where's my shipping notice lol. I think I ordered them the same day they were announced, but I did order custom shields at the same time so guess it depends if they made them ready for me or are only engraving them now. I've got to wait for international shipping too, glad I paid a bit extra so everything comes faster. ETA: Scrub that, my order has been despatched! Now just the 6-10 business days to arrive!
A V-MODA rep told me colours other than black aren't available "at this time". I imagine that Val wants to see just how many people actually buy them and if there is a genuinely high demand, he'll add the other colours. I understand they are more expensive to manufacture than expected, so it makes sense that he wants to ensure they're worth the investment.I have white M-100s btw and have ordered the XL pads along with a black cable and engraved matte black shields. Hoping...
I'm using PowerAmp on a Cowon Z2 and I find the techno pre-set sounds best to my ears. That said, it is sitting on top of Cowon's Jet Effect engine, so you probably won't get the same experience on an S4.I'm also using it with a Fiio E12, though it doesn't change the sound signature, I just love the bass boost and the higher gain as my Cowon doesn't seem to have very high volume levels.
From reading his posts, I personally think the free faders are the offer he decided on and V-MODA won't be giving them away. It would be extremely generous to offer the pads for free when buying anything at $20 or above, especially as he's already stated the pads are more expensive to manufacture than expected.I don't have faders already, so I'm quite happy to have them as a freebie and pay for the pads.Please do let us know what he says.
Now that's interesting...... I spent $55 on other stuff when ordering my pads, so would love to know if I could have got the pads free.
Ooh, my order for the XL pads now says "awaiting shipment". Shame that will be up to two months away.....Yesterday I wrote to V-MODA asking if there would be a chance to order the pads in grey. I've just received the following response:Glad I ordered some black accessories to go with them then......
At $20, they're under the allowance which is currently £15, so you shouldn't get stung for any extra charges.I've ordered some custom shields and a cable at the same time as the pads though, so I'll be over the limit if they check the package at customs. What really irks me isn't the VAT I'll have to pay, but the greedy handling charge that gets added on. It's at least £8 even if the actual VAT due is tiny.
I have and picked up some customised shields and a matching cable at the same time.Discount code worked for me about four and a half hours ago, so I may have been one of the last to use it.
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