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Everyone has their opinion, some audiophile considers that SR 009 is not worth 1000 euro. I has the abyss and SR 009 two great headph
There is no animosity about you, we exchanged a word on the particular made that the headphones belonged to me I was surprised by your post I thought you understood nothing more.After you can not stand headphones on head no problem, I do not represent JPS even if I find this wonderful headphones but this is only my point of view @ customcoco, nous avons un problème toi et moi !
That is to say ?
I remember you at the end of High Munich.First you have tested the headphones on the Audeze stand.Secondly I was not an exponent but an individual who wanted to test the amp Malvalve, people have recognized the headphones and my request one test, I'm surprised you have not noticed that.Finally it is not necessair to have a perfect seal with the Abyss.
BA with Tung Sol VT99 and KR PX4 !
You tested the abyss of Pierre 10mn in Paris without the  greet. Seriously 10 minutes to test headphones seems insufficient.
Ridiculous comment !!
What is your point of view. It is not mine.
Ok the Abyss will not win a beauty concour, but honestly do you think this is so important? Comfort is ok, its really very high level, the important things are there. Thank you to Joe for this great Headphone.
  +1I love your gif customcoco !!
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