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You tested the abyss of Pierre 10mn in Paris without the  greet. Seriously 10 minutes to test headphones seems insufficient.
Ridiculous comment !!
What is your point of view. It is not mine.
Ok the Abyss will not win a beauty concour, but honestly do you think this is so important? Comfort is ok, its really very high level, the important things are there. Thank you to Joe for this great Headphone.
  +1I love your gif customcoco !!
"PS : I asked Pierre Paya to lend me his Abyss for comparative listening with my Stax 009 used live on the mk2 RKV;  I received from him an flat refusal  ..."   Everything made normal you spoke about pierre as a swindler.
You have a short memory but you said on the french site HCFR the SR 009 was the best Headphone in the world, OK,  no problem. I am the owner of Abyss and SR 009, I love these two Headphone, but I just have a preference for Abyss, apparmment it makes you sick !
Stop spitting your venom on a headphone that you did not listen.
We are so many deaf (purrin and Muppetface too) that acute is not perfect Ok, but say they are the worst acute premium headset is a joke but you're a pro Electrostatic the Abyss had no chance.
Since 1997.
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