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  "wink" I do not understand your point of view on the Electra?
  I disagree with the advice of the electra.I tested at home Electra and KGSSHV DIYThe KGSSHV is as transparent as the Electra and I find the more natural voice Electra than on KGSSHVEvery day I selected the Electra on KGSSHV.
For  SR 009  I advice the amplifier   Electra with EL 34 tubes XF4; 6SN7 BGRP.
Thank you for clarification romaz.   Overall,  Abyss / Egoista is wonderful !!   For the HE 1000 it has been a great disappointment for me
I agree with you Sorrodje
Yoga.   Consensus at the meeting; the egoista 845 and 2A3 far outweighs front of all other amplifiers. More dynamic,  big  resolution. For 845 and  2A3  the comments are divided but the 845 wins votes.
Meeting in Grenoble, France. large equipment: Dac Ayon Stealth, ampli AudioValve RKVIII, Aurorasound Heada et le Moon 430HA , Viva Egoista 2A3, Viva 845 le RudiStor RP8K-VT, le Luxman P700-u et le serveur QAT RS3 Aurender S10, un dac Totaldac D1 Dual, dac /  Viva Numerico, Eddie Current 445, Chord Hugo Headphone : Grado PS 1000, RudiStor MD2, Ultrasone Edition 5, Kennerton Magister, Oppo PM1, Audeze LCD-X (2) JPS Labs Abyss (3) Sennheiser HD800, Fostex TH900 (3)...
For my electra I use as tube:   I'm using Mullard  XF4s in my output stage,  Tung Sol BGRP  for 2nd stage and Mullard  ECC32 for first stage.   With this configuration for me the Electra does not sound harsh.
Solid state amp : Schiit Ragnarok ; Mass Ko Bo 394 ; Luxman P700uTube amp :  Eddie Current Balancing Act ; Viva 2A3The best of the best : Viva Egoista
 I tested the Abyss with all these exception amp Apex Pinnacle.
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