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hello alway avaibale?
More power.UI So faster and smoother.more versatil ( some don t like this quality ^^)
hello, i'm looking for a Fitear semi-hard case thanks  a lot 
i didn't look at the firmware version sorry
hello,   plenue 1 new owner with fitear parterre. plenty of joy! coming from an ak 120 that lacked amplifying the fitears..i don't want an external amplifier  what an UI! incredibly smooth and fast i tested the calyx m an the cayin N6 and ak 240/380  at e earphone in tokyo what i could say is that the calyx is a mess with this **** of UI! shame on them for that.unable to mount one of my micro sd lol. the calyx has something really organic, for whom who loved the...
i know that first units in france has got the volume issue.
hello   i'm a new happy owner  i own(ed) a 507 before what an upgrade! incredibly fantastic! far from my dreams 
i officialy stop my relation with my loved 4r  replaced by fitear parterre bought in japan love them more ^^
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