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Double post.
Check, check and check again. Also, remember to use a pair of cheap headphones for the first test run. I forgot to do this and got lucky, but it could have turned out very badly for my beloved SR80is.
If it was me, I would replace the capacitor before I started trouble shooting other things. My 2 cents.   Good luck and keep us updated!
I got a pair of Grado SR80is last Christmas, and I've been listening to them daily since then. I've always read that they really open up when amped, but I had no idea just how much until I plugged them into my brand-new-build-by-me 12SR7GT Starving Student Millet Hybrid headphone amplifier.   Some of the brightness went away, but the detail is amazing and the sound stage really opened up. Some of the music I listen to has a very lo-fi vibe, but on others, like...
I'm in the process of building a cheap hybrid amp and I've been contemplating getting a DAC to go with it. Saw this thing on amazon and for the price I was curious to as to how good it was. Thanks for the review!
     I first got interested in "nice" headphones last September before a family trip to California. I ended up buying a set of SR60is, and I loved them.       Well, come Christmas, I end up getting a set of SR80is. I was ecstatic until I plugged them in. They seemed to be very harsh and they had no bass. However, I made the transition to wearing the 80is daily instead of the 60is , and, over time, the the 80is mellowed out and the bass got much better.      ...
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