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PM sent
PM sent
Look one post above yours
Thanks for the info @Bitten by Bug! Some new tubes to check out... On that note, has anyone given the 5Z3 a shot? I received one with a lot of rectifiers and have been curious whether an adapter would be worth the trouble to try it with my WA6 (construction looks similar to 5U4G)
Prices reduced
Photos added (in no particular order)
It’s time to thin out my tube collection, and since just I don’t have time right now to ship these individually some are being sold as bundles only.    Unless otherwise noted all tubes were purchased NOS/Test as NOS and have fewer than 10 hours on them by myself. Prices include shipping to CONUS, pictures available upon request. No trades please!   EDIT: No international shipping, sorry.   GZ34/274b/5U4G/5R4G: Mullard fat black base GZ34 (Blackburn code) -...
 Nice, glad I went for it! Upon closer inspection of the photos I can see a "B" near the bottom edge of the glass, so even though I can't make out the rest just yet it does appear to be from the Blackburn factory.  Cool, thanks! One thing I've enjoyed in my short time with NOS/used tubes is that every one has a unique history... it's fun to learn about 
Came included with a WA6 I purchased; the original owner estimated 500hrs total use (about 5% of its total projected life of 9000hrs). Sounds great, looks beautiful, no issues. Price includes shipping to CONUS.   Thanks for looking 
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