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Unfortunately I have to close this for now; just updated my iMac to OS X Sierra and found out my audio interface isn't yet supported, so I'll need to hang onto this until further notice.
Purchased on here a week ago, sounds markedly better than my interface DAC but I unfortunately can't justify keeping it right now.   Original listing: http://www.head-fi.org/t/820555/schiit-bifrost-multibit-bimby   In perfect shape, includes USB and power cables, as well as a good quality RCA cable. Buyer covers shipping and fees (or gift).   Thanks for looking 
Sorry you have to let these go, that's a bummer... To any prospective buyers oleWhiskey is a pleasure to deal with! (much like old whiskey)
Still available?
I've never heard one, I'll look into it. Recently picked up a Mjolnir 2 so I might actually be able to power one ha
Alright, so I received the earpad rings today which let me give the Brainwavz Hybrid pads (non-angled) a shot. Long story short: I like them better than the focus pads, however I won't be keeping them. (wait, wha?)   First off, they are much softer and more comfortable to me. Not that the Focus pads are uncomfortable, these just feel better (especially for glasses-wearers like myself).    By and large, I find the sound of the Hybrid pads to be an improvement over Focus...
 Thanks for the tip Ray, I will have to give that a shot! Hope you are doing well.
Just ordered a pair, thanks! Should get them by the end of the week, will share some impressions vs FocusPads after I've had some time with them.
Does anybody know the cheapest/easiest way to source a pair of plastic mounting rings without cannibalizing my stock pads? I have a pair or Brainwavz hybrids I'd really like to try on the HE560. Thanks in advance 
Annnnd they've arrived! Initial impressions are very good, the sound signature is just as I had hoped; similar to the HD600 but with better bass extension, less upper mid forward (without being mid-recessed, my biggest qualm with almost every high-end can I've heard), and more engaging and extended treble. Bass definition and slam are excellent, treble is more aggressive than the HD600 but not at all harsh to me as some have described (though I can see how a poorly...
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