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Great news for any PM-3 owners using Sonarworks... the plugin was recently updated to support the PM-3 (as well as the Beyer DT1770 among others) and does an excellent job of extending the treble, leveling out the midrange "honk" and mid bass and extending the sub-bass, without the guesswork or peaks of manual correction. They also have a free trial available, so I highly recommend giving it a shot 
Guess it's an anomaly then. Perfect! Going to list it on eBay for $10,000. SCHIIT MJOLNIR 2 ULTRA-RARE MANUFACTURING DEFECT!!!
Does anyone else's Mjolnir 2 make occasional creaking/popping (I mean the unit itself, not in the audio chain). If I push town on the top of the unit it will make a similar clicking sound, so I'm pretty sure it's just a seam that moves slightly with the expansion/contraction of warmup and cooldown. Drove me crazy trying to pinpoint it for awhile, now it doesn't bother me. Just curious.
Not with espresso in them, I wouldn't trust myself! Just to have the cups pre-warmed before I make it helps. Spilled espresso AND a fried Mjolnir 2, now that would be doubly tragic.
Lol. Mind does a good job of keeping my espresso cups warm and ready 
$666 lol. Great price though, GLWS
Up for sale is a late production (Serial No. 40574) HD800 in excellent condition. No paint chips, light signs of use and pads are in great shape as well. Original cable and box will be included.   I also have a 6ft Charleston Cable Company 4-pin XLR Cardas cable for sale (see other listing) which can be included for an additional $100.   I'll cover PayPal fees, buyer covers shipping.   No trades! Thanks for looking  
In fantastic shape, my favorite HD800 cable but I need something longer. Price includes PP and shipping to CONUS.   No trades, thanks for looking  
I'm using the HD800 with LISST and love it (though with Sonarworks which is key). It's a super engaging combination and I am not a treble head by any means, though I do prefer a more neutral sound signature so if it's lushness you want look elsewhere.
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