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Have you tried applying more force to yank them out? what type of tips are you using to have them stuck on your ears?  
Let me give it a shot: "Hi, We apologize for not letting you know that we tweaked/improved the Altone200s after receiving the feedback from the beta testers. Thank you,Sunggoo kwon" Well that's what I wanted it to say  
Good for you man, unfortunately I ordered 1st of July and have'nt received any shipping info yet. 
No worries on the understanding part, though it would have been better if you informed everyone that the shipping will be delayed. Headfiers generally are used to waiting patiently but since you gave a specific date to ship then it would have been cool if you informed everyone beforehand instead of keeping silent and apologizing later. Just saying my thoughts, not bashing here, it would be something to approve upon yeah? Anyways, the reviews are impressive thus far and...
@mobyn where is my tracking number man 😁
IMO settle your IEM first because you will reap the most upgrade in SQ with good IEMs then get good quality recorded music then when you have the funds go get a DAP. you dont really need an amp at this point.Happy hunting!
Was listening to the chezky test tracks with my IM50s via C3 and BH combo, SF and LF engage at low gain with the foamies and was able to hear below 30hz. Probably lower if I was in a quiet environment. (Was on a bus) So yeah, the IM50s can give you those low rumble.
Any new updates?
@rebelinho IMO you do not need to amp the Pro 80s (but they will benefit from one), they are easy enough to drive and are efficient but I would recommend them for a home setup because of the coiled cable. The Brainwavz might give you more flexibility of portability. So you need to evaluate your priority. SQ wise I an only vouch for the Pro80s. Cheers!
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