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Oh sorry for late reply, I'm too busy these days. Well a Fiio E09k sounds a little bit "noisy" with sensitive pairs, like, some tiny unpleasant sounds
Well, I have tried the E07k and E09K combo, and I'm pretty sure that they are better than a stand-alone E10k, especially for over-ear headphones. The E09k is fast, punchy and has lots of power, which can be use with higher grade headphones in case you wanna upgrade your output. The stand-alone E10k is, however, better with sensitive IEMs.
I haven't listened to the B&WW P7 yet, so I have no idea how to compare these cans. However, I prefer the ADL H118 than the M100 for some reasons such as the comfort and the midrange. But I won't say that the H118 are better, it's up to your taste.
Thank you. I'm still a new guy in reviewing headphones and for sure don't have any measurements or graphs so it's still not a good one :)
Thanks for the review
In general, you may find these cans relaxing, similar to the HD650 with more bass (the mid, of course, HD650 still much better, but the way they sound is similar)
Yeah I got it. The H118 sound is dark, not like any ATHs that I've heard. The AD700, AD900 and M50 is much brighter, especially around 7-10 kHz I guess. Mid, though, isn't recessed. The treble is a little bit back behind, as I say, "gentle treble."
1)They have good isolation and barely leaks anything outside. 2)They can handle every electronics. 3)They can be drived by ipod/ iphone, but you shouldn't do that for a 300$ headphones. 4)The mid is not forward. It's perfect for me. Just a little bit warm on the lower mid, but that's ok.
First of all, I want to say that my English is not good. Sorry for any mistakes * Pros: -          Detailed, easy to drive. -          Smooth and warm mid. -          Such wide soundstage for closed cans, good isolation. -          Nice build, perfect fit, detachable cable, foldable, nice hard case. * Cons: -          A little bit heavy and hot, not very comfortable for long-sesion listening -          Some may find them “bassy”. Price: around 280$ *...
At 100$, I will get a pair of headphone. If you love the openess, then go for open headphones. Depend on what kind of music you listen to, I know things you may interest in: - Audio technica AD700: these cans are a little bit "bass-shy", good mid, ok treble. good for vocals, something slow, clear and require less bassy-beat. - Presonus HD7: studio cans, very open, can play almost everything (but nothing perfect of course). - Senheiser HD518: bass is quite slow, not...
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