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Yeah I totally agree with your point.
At least it should have appeared on this thread, or in a single post on the Head-fi news. Not announcing in this thread is quite non-sense.
Yeah we all got that. But I'm still waiting for an apology and the announcement of the winners. You know, still better than they skip this thread and ignore us all. 
Obviously they have forgotten, this post was sooo looong ago.
I'd love to listen to: Enya - May it be Angels - Robbie Williams Seal - It's a man's man's man's world Lana Del Rey - Born to die Avantasia - The Scarecrow
Hi everyone, I'm looking for some trustful websites for shopping headphones and audio gears online within the USA. Can anyone give me some suggestions? And I'm also wondering whether the is a good place for headphones shopping because I'm gonna buy some stuffs for my friend living in USA. Thank you in advance
Thank you for the link. Because he's far away from me, so we can only use shipping for trade. Im a student, that's why I don't have much money and space to get them both. Im gonna do a little more research before deciding. 
Hello everyone, Right now I'm using my combo Fiio e07k/e09k + Fostex T50rp. A friend of mine recently offered a trade of a secondhand Furutech ADL Stride for 150$ (in good condition of course). However I haven't listened to the Stride so I don't know whether I should trade or not. Therefore, anyone have listened to both of them please give me a recommendation, should I buy the Stride and sell the e07k/e09k? Ps: I listen to Classical, New Age, Instrumental, Pop and...
Nice pic :)
Oh sorry for late reply, I'm too busy these days. Well a Fiio E09k sounds a little bit "noisy" with sensitive pairs, like, some tiny unpleasant sounds
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