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Hey guys, My dad's friend is giving a bunch of stuff away because he's moving, and he ended up giving me a pair of fully functioning, original, white Cambridge Soundworks Ensemble speakers. Well, actually I'm not sure if they are speakers or sub woofers. I'm new to the speaker world and I have never heard of these and there doesn't seem to be much about them on the web from recent years. I was wondering if these are still considered really good, as they once were? If they...
Thanks everyone for the help! I think, after reading about it for a couple days, that I am going to go with the Creative Sound Blaster Z. But one other thing. I watched a youtube video made by this well known tech guy, and he made a 20 minute video on audio myths, and the main one was that sound cards make absolutely no difference in sound. He said its just a placebo affect. Anyone agree/disagree with this, and why? Is it even worth it to get a sound card?Heres the...
No, is it worth it to get one with the capability of 7.1 if I ever get a set of speakers capable of using 7.1? Actually on second thought, I will most likely never go past 5.1 speakers.
Also will I notice much difference between this and (for example) Asus Xonar DS?
Is there a reason you suggested that rather than a 7.1 card? Also how good is the microphone that comes with that?
Hello Head-if users, I am in the market for a sound card for my gaming PC. I recently noticed in games that when I hear sounds, I can barely tell where they're coming from. I can tell if they're coming from the right or left, but the area it comes from is vague. So I was wondering what would be the best sound card for gaming and listening to music under $100. I am using KRK KNS 6400 headphones. So I am using audiophile headphones, not crap gaming head phones. Also if you...
Sorry I haven't replied in so long, so I'm looking for headphones around $100 not under, I should have a different title name . So I looked into the RE-400's and what it sounds like is they are pretty good but the CKN70s are better. Is this true or not? Are there any other headphones I should consider?
Hey, sorry for the late reply. Would the XBA H1's be good for my music needs? Also I'd like to note i need earphone with a small plug so I can plug it into my ipod with the case. I have had the Shure se215s and ended up returning them for this reason and also the highs weren't very nice (though I only burned them in for a little bit). Anyone else have any suggestions?
Anyone know a good pair?
Hi guys, I recently had a Bar Mitzvah and someone gave me a pair of UrBeats in-ear headphones. I've known the answer to this for years but I tried out the Beats to see how they were. Truth be told, my $30 iPhone Earpods were way better than them. It had muddy mids, highs, lows, everything. Also it was too bassy for my tastes. Luckily, my friend gave me the receipt so I could return it. So I went to Best Buy and they gave us our money back. I was thinking of buying another...
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