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Wonderful cover art indeed
Here's a couple more:  
Tell me this thing wouldn't be lab worthy
One of my vents was blocked (or the other had no filter). The bass was mostly from the left side. Took a needle to them, covered with tape, pinholed them. Sounding good now, but can't say how they compare to stock. About the biggest knock on KZ has to be QC issues, but for ~$10, I guess that's to be expected.
Actually since KZ already has the ATE housing, why not a KZ-IM02 / 3?   I'm finding myself more drawn to the ATE (since I fixed the vents anyways). Bit warmer sq, bigger soundstage (their best attribute IMO).
  Speaking of KZ, and the fact that some of their iems are a near replica of other models , which iem would you all like to see KZ make a version of next? Personally, I'd like a multi BA ala Shure/Westone
The other thing I remember about Stampede is we always got some wrath of god thunderstorms opening weekend. One year it was raining so hard, I could barely see across the street (forgot my kitchen window was open. quite the mess)
Most amusing Stampede memory: 10:00 Friday morning, watching a rather intoxicated woman try to throw her shoes at the traffic on 4 st. sw. 
Why do I feel the need to put black censor bars on this
I hear you. The weather up here is getting more & more like Calgary every year. Now with all the bloody forest fires it'll start looking like it too.
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