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It does work pretty well. I found it more secure than velcro. Just put some small dots in each corner and press 'em together. Cheap, easy, and no residue. The only possible issue might be if the components get hot, then the blu-tak might get gummy. I used it on my X3 until I got a stacking kit and the heat from that wasn't an issue, not sure how warm the M1 or Mojo get
Totally serious about the blu-tak. I used it to attach amps to my iclassic. The buggers stuck together good, no worries about falling apart in the pocket. A good twist would split them up and everything cleans up nicely with no residue. Give it a try. Of course the crooked amp band industry has the market fixed becaus they don't want us blu-takkers to win…
Said it before, I'll say it again… Blu-tak Seriously, get with the program people!!
The old laptop is an obsolete PoS, and the only reason I haven't run it over and sent the carcass to the recyclers yet is because my new laptop doesn't have an optical drive (and I'm too cheap/apathetic to buy an external one)
Fired up the old laptop today. Man it's hard going back to a mechanical hard drive after getting used to the ssd in my new machine.
From the quick reading I've done bout the A5 it seems like a more powerful e12a (same opamp/buffer chip)Those courier fees are pretty harsh. I kinda like the way Amazon has their Intl. shipping where they charge you up front. When I bought my X2, it came in way cheaper than what the 3rd party charges would be. Ebay has a similar thing, but as far as I can tell 3rd party, 2nd hand sales are exempt from customs so you shouldn't have to pay in the first place
Sandisk 200gb msd… $75 CAD   https://www.amazon.ca/SanDisk-Ultra-200GB-Micro-SDSDQUAN-200G-G4A/dp/B00V62XBQQ
If it sounds like the e12a you should be happy
Didn't know Keyboard-Fi was a thing. You learn something everyday 
Perhaps I'll reconsider if mojo mk2 doesn't look like it was designed by Fisher-Price   Back to Shanling-land… this is about the same $$ as the Sony Axx players. Any impressions on how the two compare?
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