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Monkey gone to heaven?
I've also had the x3 freeze/stall library scan with some artwork bigger than 1000x1000. The x3 seems to auto scale largish artwork ok, but I prefer to have musicbee scan everything down to native resolution while it transfers (smaller file size =  more music)
Happen with different tips? I have a similar experience, push on the right iem; sound goes away. Seem like the prob is the tip is getting pinched off against my ear canal. Also try moving the nozzle and see if that helps.
I got this so far....   I do like the side by side for the settings, but that also follows over for the play all menu (top icon) which isn't so good. Not too sure when I'll get this finished though, been pretty frazzled lately, and it's been hard to find the motivation to get things done at the moment.   Cheers
  No applause, just send IEMs.Enjoy.
Not exactly sure what you're describing there, but try this - seems to work for me:   There are a few changes I've made since my last update that I never bothered to upload earlier. 1: I changed the internal font (microsoft yahei roboto, found on the chinese Fiio site - all credit to the original uploader). 2: Replaced the no album artwork with one I got from an older version of Musicbee - all credit to the...
Thanks for the luv! Haven't spent any time with the mods lately, been waiting for an official version. Just got 3.2 last night so maybe I'll have some time to poke around today. With a previous version I've found that Fiio had changed some coords that seemed to conflict with my themes, so that may be the problem. I'm also hoping to port over the x1 theme as well - maybe port is too generous, I'll just "borrow" the gfx, rotate, and align for the vertical screen....
Digging through a copy of the X1 firmware. I think I should be able to make an theme based off it (assuming James/Joe/or anybody else at Fiio doesn't object). Back when I first heard that Fiio was going to remake the fw based off the x5, I kinda thought we'd get something that looks like the X1 UI. Oh well, looks like it's up to me.
I'll probably just switch back to the comply tips. Much stiffer and don't wiggle as much when inserting/removing. That's my biggest reservation against using glue. It's pretty hard to keep the nozzle in the right place at the moment. Maybe using a different silicone tip might help too. The Phonaks are pretty long compared to some of my others, and the phones do tend to stick out further (and therefore are easier to move). Thanks for the pic though. Cheers.
Tried blu-tack yet? Use it to stick my e6 to my ipod. Gotta give it a good twist to remove it, but the blu-tack is re-useable and doesn't leave a mess. If you're worried about the amp falling off I managed to pick up of sand filled stand with it attached to the speaker...plenty strong
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