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    I'll spend my weekend patiently waiting for @acain to finish those kick ass stands
Not sure about piney fresh, was thinking mostly about the fabric softener to get them good and soft and fuzzy.
Just checked mine, and the info doesn't show any s/n. For the record, bought mine in 2013, and it came in a white/red box with the "brown eyes" and reflectionI think the Fiio used different boxes for different markets, but James or Joe would need to confirm that
   @Relic Never heard of your problem, but maybe look into custom tips as well. I'm sure I stumbled across a site in Van. that does them. If I track em down again, I'll post the link
Tubby Dog, anyone?
Just a little concerned that Fiio is moving away from their signature cropped album art
Is that - horror, of horrors - properly displayed artwork?
  Based off the 1st gen. the playlist feature is for x3 created playlists only. If you're going to use playlists created with a media player, then you'll need to load the m3u file using browser mode. Don't know if Fiio is planning to change this, hopefully at least they'll let us change the playlist name.
Depending on the media player used (musicbee in my case), you may be able to select absolute or relative paths. That should avoid having to use an editor afterwards.
That's how I use my playlists on my 1st gen. Works well, the only issue is keeping the drive letters sorted out (int. / sd). Not an issue with the new x3 tho
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