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I was referring to the proportional cost when I mentioned big coin. Even $100 USD is 40% the cost of the headphones (sale price granted). Not trying to disparage anybody from doing so, so don't get me wrong.
Like the scroll wheel. My mini-disc has one, works great and I could never figure out why nobody else tried that route
Really? Did you do anything to soften it? I tried putting my cable on a heating pad - worked to soften some of my other cables. The cable was like a shoe lace when it was warm, but once it cooled it stiffened up again. The upper cables - from the 2.5mm to the splitter (which is strangely long imo) - are fine. It's just the part from the splitter to the 3.5mm plug that's the problem. I'm not fond of the right angle plug either.
The cable is really the only complaint I can make bout my 400i. I did order one of those cheap cables - still waiting for it to arrive. I bought it off ebay so it was much cheaper than Amazon.ca. For the cost of those other cables however, I'd rather buy the components and build one myself. I really don't see much value in spending big coin on a cable personally
 How is that little oddball holding up anyways? I have a hard enough time keeping track of my music on a player with a screen…  Keep thinking bout grabbing one of those. The APTek version anyways, since its available on Amazon. It actually is worth the $40 CAD?
Always good to see some competition for the ChAPs (Chinese Audio Players - what'd you think, could it catch on?) Won't be on my shopping list (I do hate touchscreens), but seems like another quality device.
Latest episode from the Canada Post gong-show…   Ordered a card reader from Amazon. Apparently, the Posties decided it'd be a good idea to soak the box in vinegar before they delivered it
Some links to free compilations:   https://www.ambientblog.net/blog/2017-01-08/various-various-3/
Been looking at this, and I know they say 24/96 without drivers. But, let's say you use drivers - ASIO4ALL maybe - or run in linux where drivers aren't needed can the F2 do 192khz? Possibly with a firmware update?   sorry if its been brought up already, been a while since I've read through the whole thread
Those are pretty much useless to the X3. I think they are created whenever you do a disk scan in Windows - you know when Windows thinks the drive is corrupted, but it really isn't. Of course it doesn't hurt to back em up just in case…
New Posts  All Forums: