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On a happier note, I resurrected my comatose P1 amp. Stupid LED… the 10¢ part strikes again
Besides @Hisoundfi, if you quit doing reviews how will I know if those iems I find in a public washroom toilet are worth fishing for
Noticed that while I was stripping mine down. I think (speculation, of course) that's what give these phones a larger than usual SS. Back wave of the driver reflecting forward or something like that
  I agree with @Pastapipo. it's guys like you and others in The Lab that make this hobby entertaining
Haven't removed the driver from the baffle, but from looking through the grill on the front, it doesn't look dented or torn. Maybe I should Frankenstein my Grado drivers in there
Tried emailing Soundmagic when they first went bad and the email got bounced back due to invalid address. Any other decent sources for 50mm dirvers?
Seems the patient is terminal. Measured the resistance of both drivers and the both came in at 32.8 ohms, but the 6db difference in volume combined with the bad driver distorting savagely at volumes above 80db (good driver handles it with ease) makes me think there ain't no fixing this one. Maybe its a sign that I should get a pair of MSR7s?   I'd still like to know how the hell this can happen when your not using them…
That's pretty much the way I end my day. No distractions, just music
I did test directly to the drivers using my old grado cable. Used the same conductors for each driver, so in my eyes there is no doubt the levels are very different.   I guess I'll keep my eyes open and see if somebody is selling a broken one for parts that I can scavenge a driver from.
On max volume with my X3 the driver will start distorting, but neither driver is nearly as loud as they should be.   When I tested earlier today I was just checking for level. Didn't listen for distortion or anything.
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