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 Been waffling for a bit on whether I was going to even get a pair. I figure after the BS of last month I need something to look forward to. Decided on the matte black cause the Deltas are already gunmetalI'm just happy to see somebody else's currency go to s**t for a change
True that. The GBP has gone up a fair bit from what it was when I woke up this morning. Shoulda bought 'em then (matte black m4 btw)
Somebody had to do it
Been eyeing it for a bit, just haven't been brave enough to chance it (and besides, life got in the way). You get it off Amazon.ca?
mmmmmm, lamb
How bout some tuba for @goldtuba ?  
Unfortunately it looks like sleeping in them would be a bad idea - esp. if you have a waterbed
Should keep getting better. I think tubes are about the only thing everybody agrees that get better with burn-in Keep your eye open for some NOS tubes as well. I've seen plenty of ads on CAM from people in the GTA - at least 12au7s are plentiful
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