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Seems everybody is jumping on the tuneable bandwagon Dec. if you're lucky (if anybody at the CBSA is reading this… I want my damn ed9!)
Jeez. What kinda of audio wonderland did you stumble across?
Christmas came early!   Before:   After: Another satisfied Labster. Cheers
Maybe a bottle of Hong Thong would be more appropriate
Some news for the Canucks out there. The new HM5 pads should be available on soon (within a few days for the new colours, and a week or so for the angled ones). They didn't mention the pricing, but when I bought mine they were the same price as mp4nation, and obviously shipping was waaaay faster.   Cheers
Thanks Lab-bros. Now just to wait for some impressions…
Interesting. I emailed PacificTech on (bought my pleather from them) to see if they'll be getting the new models. I let you guys know what I hear, if anybody is interested
Forgive my stupidity, what is the benefit of angled pads?
Maybe his acupuncturist went overboard and deflated him?
Sounds like an interesting little project. You'll have to let us know how they work out  
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