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Tamal, NooOOOOO. Not a Clip… Not you too…  How's them im02? Always been eyeing that line. Too bad they're way freakin over-priced here
They have a rep??     I just sent a pm to @SoundMAGIC US   Seems like not many of their reps have been online recently according to profiles though 
Pink desk?? Man, that's really gotta colour the sound
Part 1 of any epically long ambient mix   https://www.mixcloud.com/HeadphoneCommute/roel-funcken-autotroph-part-1/
I was pretty much expecting to have to fab up a ring adapter of some sort if I'm stuck with 50mm.   I haven't heard the momentums, but for the price it'd be hard to go wrong, and they'd still sound better than my 150 does now.   Has anybody tried to remove the drivers from the baffles? I'm really hoping its not like "liberating" Grado drivers where you have to destroy something to get them out   (oh, SM... why haven't you just gotten back to me)
Man, you got screwed. Meat on a stick is one of the many joys of life (apologies to our vegetarian/vegan friends, but it's true). Malaysian satay is one of my favs
Sheep… goats… aren't they all delicious when BBQ'd
Haven't heard anything back regarding replacement driver yet, so I'm wondering if I should try 3rd party drivers   Found these: http://www.aliexpress.com/item/50mm-speaker-unit-Strong-Bass-Titanium-film-fever-unit/32337138321.html (yes, they are only 50mm but I haven't found any 53mm) There are plenty of options on AE, but I'm not sure about the quality of them. Any advice about what to look for?
Totally forgot about 7digital. Browsed through their catalogue, but never purchased from them yet. Good to see you are finally seeing the merits of tube rolling, I'm sure your credit card company thanks youKeep your eyes open on CAM, always seems to be ads from the GTA region. Audiotubes.com has been a decent source of info for me, check it out if you haven't already
No, it's the driver. Had an issue a couple of years back where there was a volume imbalance. Fixed that with a blast of LOUD volume. I assume the armature got stuck or something. Happened again a week or 2 ago, and once more last night. This time the increased volume just resulted in much distortion then a dead driver.Oddly, both my PFE and HP150 toasted the left driver. Coincidence?… That was me indeed - but with far more profanity
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