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Actually, I have to say that this round (3.22b & 3.24b) has been incredibly stable. Aside from a few remaining bugs - artwork scaling for example, this could have been made final awhile ago. I can finally retire my paper clip
Got the artwork fixed? 
   It seems to me that favs. and playlist basically has the same functionality on the X3 (same process of creating unless I'm wrong).We'll see if other folks chime in, and hopefully Fiio will take this into consideration. @JamesFiiO, @Joe Bloggs is there anybody out there 
Now that we have playlist capability, I'm wondering isn't the "favourites" feature pretty much redundant. I don't use favourites myself, but wanted to hear some opinions if it would be worth keeping. One reason I can think of turfing it would be that we could use that space in the music operation menu for tone controls. Don't really use that myself either, but seems like quite a few people would like to get that from the playing screen instead of going back through the...
Apparently on the X5 the eq is limited to 48khz files due to processor demand. Imagine the x3 is the same.
Fat32 is mandatory for doing firmware updates, but exfat is also supported now. I've read that ntfs can be used, but haven't tried it myself.
I did get my theme to have the numbers outside of the icon, but they really are too small. Here's hoping Fiio will make 'em bigger (14pt. same size as volume). Your theme does look good tho.
Damn that looks good. One question though....Are those screens actual screenshots, or just a mock up? I'm only asking because it looks like your battery font size is alot bigger than I've been able to make mine.
No soldering necessary.The battery has a plug connection. Check out the X3 mod thread if you want to see inside.
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