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What's the deal with Massdrop offering the m2 for $224? Isn't that pretty much what everybody charges for them nowadays?
Great write up! I might have to check them out. Briefly had a pair of hm5 pleathers on mine. Have no problem with the stock, but always looking to try something new
Yikes. Possibly an allergic reaction to the dye/fabric?? If washing them doesn't help and you're looking to keep the phones, you could always get some hm5 (or other) earpads.
August shipping date?? My head would explode from waiting
 If you're going the sword route you have to include 'bastard"
Yay. Resurrected my P1s. Replaced failed toggle switches, plus some idiot blew the LEDs trying to bias the thing. Treated myself to some new tubes to make up for not being able to use them for the past few weeks.
Hmmmm. if you're calling it a Delta, any chance of having a gen 1. trade in program like you did for the mk. ii
Nah. A buddy of mine painted his car "Rattle-can Black" ages ago.
 Why's that? Other than the low vol. imbalance - which with my gear is too low to be an issue - I find analogue to work pretty well
My concern would be if the "Flang" logo is meant to represent the sound it makes when you throw it across the room 'cause of the funky UI
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