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Selling my first generation over-ear Momentums. Haven't used them in a couple years, switched to all Beyerdynamic gear. Comes with the box and carrying case, but the iPhone microphone cable is broken and not included. Headphones work great, in good condition. Asking for $75 + shipping. Thanks!
My beloved Beyer DT770's cable is starting to go (or maybe it's the plug. Either way, something is failing between source & headphones). I don't feel the need to get a fancy all gold cable or whatever, but if I just want to have it replaced, where can I go? Would it be possible to have a jack installed into the headphones so that I could replace cables easily when they (inevitably) fail?   Thanks!  MCB
Getting ready for a move, downsizing on some gear. I got this little guy a couple of years ago here on Head-Fi, used lightly since then. Ships in the original packaging with the original power supply/adapter. This amp is in fantastic condition and works flawlessly.    SOLD!
According to Schist support, using a powered hub, you can connect an iPhone. Setup:   iPhone -> Fancy overpriced lightning cable -> USB A-B female-to-male cable -> Powered Hub -> USB A-B male-male cable -> Schiit Modi   Convoluted, but it should work!
Perhaps Apple will give their audio-related hardware as much love as they've given photo-processing in recent years (hey, we can hope):   http://www.macrumors.com/2014/11/03/peter-eastty-apple-audio/
I'm not sure if this belongs here or in the Intros and Recommendations forum (if I choose wrong, sorry!), but I think y'all might know better for what I'm looking for. I'm preparing to do a thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail this coming year, and I'd like to be able to have podcasts to listen to during my hike. I'm obviously not optimizing for sound quality (that'll be a treat to come home to after I finish 😊), but rather for: - Cheap OR SD/microSD card slot (so either...
Some hastily taken shots before I got on a plane this morning, but it's done! Pretty pleased with how it turned out. I have some ideas for little improvements/additions I might make in the future. Definitely could do it faster and better if I tried again. It's made out of bubinga and curly maple and finished with Arm-R-Seal (satin). Clamp is from amazon, $6. Not a beautiful clamp, but it works. Might have been better if painted a different color. Regardless, I'm happy with...
I just got my T90s and my friend who uses DT990s came over to compare. I'd agree that the primary difference is that instruments just feel more defined, like you can pick them apart better. Better placement, definition, and imaging.
The room I had my freshman year was a shoebox, 10' x 14' for two people. You couldn't open drawers or the closet with how cramped it was. Even with the desk they gave me, I had space for my monitor, laptop, full size keyboard and mouse. I can't be sure how big the desk will be, but I'd be surprised if it wouldn't fit. Not roomy, but it doesn't need much space at all. Apple has a somewhat poor history with adopting newer versions of connectors. I'm not sure if HDMI is done...
I definitely agree with Marco's points and strongly recommend the rMBP.   As for 4k support, I think the main issue is related to Thunderbolt on the rMBP. It seems like they'd improve that in the next refresh. Certainly the next round of integrated and discrete GPUs will be able to handle a 4k monitor. This might be of interest: http://www.anandtech.com/show/8023/apple-releases-osx-10-9-3-improved-4k-display   For using it at a desk: I suggest using it as a second...
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