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Hey guys i purchased my woo audio wa6 and sophia princess august last year and its getting close to a year old, I've noticed on the 274b princess rectifier the glass is becoming dark its sort of forming a dark tint but its only noticeable under direct light. I just wanted to ask if this is normal for the rectifier or if i should be concerned?
yeah that should be fine as many people seem to describe the k70x phones as bright and somewhat fatiguing so it should pair well
I'm tempted just to buy a pair to try them out, hopefully a WA6 will have the power for them, i usually only turn my volume knob to 12 o'clock max on my pair of HD600s for very quiet recordings.
how do the k70x sound with woo amps? like the wa6, wa6se and wa22 (transformer coupled)
Yeah, Audio-GD is another good option, their DACs offer a lot of bang for buck (good price to performance ratio) I haven't ever used one before unfortunately, wouldn't mind looking at some of their higher end stuff.
Yeah no worries, plus the branding DacMagic means its easy to sell for a good amount of money if you ever want to upgrade later down the line since its very well known amongst the audio community and isnt obscure. You can't really go wrong with it.
will my dacmagic 100 -> Woo Audio WA6 do the T1 justice? i'm about to bite the bullet on the T1 but I dont want to spend 10+ bills on a headphone to find it sounds like garbage with my setup.... I'm using the Sophia Princess and 6FD7s
bump, two well respected people skylab and headphoneaddict seem to enjoy the combination, but what exactly will i be missing out on if i use an lcd-2 or he-500 with the wa6 what does the additional power do?
I just tried my denon d2000s for the first time in a while to listen to some hip hop, tried them on the wa6 expecting them to sound poor and distorted because of the high output impedance of the amp but man I am shocked. With the 6FD7 and Princess the bass presence is incredible and it just seems to be so dynamic and clear, I wouldn't have expected these to sound so good out of a tube amp. My guess is the higher end denon/fostex models pair this well too?
Yeah im starting to feel as though its impossible to obtain the 596. I've been looking everywhere.
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