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Its now resolved. It was merely sticky, I just used the switch about 10 or 15 times and now it functions fine.
My g109 just arrived today. One weird quirk the unit has is that the power button is sticky. To turn the unit off you need to physically pull the power button back. Anyone else experienced this?
Oh i see most work with multi voltage. Only thing thats off putting is the lack of binding posts. I'll try to find a used Woo WEE. I'm not exactly sure what Stax headphone to pick though. I love the sound signature of my HD600, So far im considering the Sr-l300 Sr-l500 or SR-507 but not quite sure what to go for. I would like something with more bass than the HD600 the tonal balance of the HD600 is great just the bass rolloff lets it down for me.
Thanks for the advice, the problem I have is finding on of these that is 240volt since in I live in Australia are they switchable voltage?
I'm looking to step up my headphone game and i've exhausted almost all options. So here I am looking to build an entry level Stax system. Currently I'm using a pair of Sennheiser HD600s (my favorite dynamic headphone) my source is a Cambridge Audio Dacmagic and the amp I'm using is a Gustard H10. I've been doing research and apparently Stax have refreshed their lambda line with the L series. I was thinking of purchasing an SR-L300 with the Woo Audio WEE to connect to my...
thought so, it seems to cheap for an assembled beta22
I've been planning on building a beta22 for a while. Upon further research I discovered this. Not sure what to think about it. It seems to be a single ended (2 channel version of the beta 22 in a small enclosure. Anyone here tried it?
Do these and the other Fostex headphones have the same issue as the earlier Denons where the screw that holds the cup to the frame wiggles itself loose causing the cup to fall off? The design is so similar that im sort of concerned and dread this happening.
nah mechanical, miyota 9015
Just discovered this thread and thought i'd contribute, here is my daily beater.  
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