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Do these and the other Fostex headphones have the same issue as the earlier Denons where the screw that holds the cup to the frame wiggles itself loose causing the cup to fall off? The design is so similar that im sort of concerned and dread this happening.
nah mechanical, miyota 9015
Just discovered this thread and thought i'd contribute, here is my daily beater.  
i completely agree bass is substantially worse with the lawton pads when in comparison to the stock pads which is a shame because they are a lot more comfy
Just got these in, put my lawton angle pads off my d2000 straight on there is definitely a significant sonic change but i dont know whether or not its for the better or not. Time will tell.
No customs charge in my experience when I purchased from aliexpress assume you would be in the same boat.
IMO the gain switch shouldn't have any impact on the sound signature though there are subjective opinions stating otherwise. In my experience there is no difference its just louder.
strange never had an issue with my modded ah d2000s sound great to me
If you all about euphoric sound and what sounds pleasing to the ear then yeah sure. If you are about accuracy and whats better on paper definately not. Its all personal preference at the end of the day.
I liked it so much I actually sold my Woo Audio WA6. I think that says enough.
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