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Do the gain switches stack? Like for example if I switch +6 and +12 at the same time do I get +18 gain? nvm worked it out with all switches off gain is 8db and can be adjusted from there
About to pull the plug today where is the best place to purchase it from? So far the best price I found was on Aliexpress $452 AUD including postage.
oh wow i completely missed that :/ Placing my order for this beast tomorrow very keen to try it out with a wide variety of headphones.
Does anyone have the power output rating of this amplifier at various impedances? 
I'm keen to purchase it now, I need to find a buyer for my WA6 first. Love the fact how the gain can be customized I can pretty much power every kind of headphone from it. I'd keep my WA6 i love the amp but unfortunately 500mw isnt ideal for Orthos, they'd definitely be more then loud enough but i wont be getting the most from them.
I also have a dacmagic 100 so my chain will be similar to yours when its all said and done. How do you find the combo with the He500s?
Currently have a Woo Audio WA6 and upgrading to orthos soon (he-560) and need something that can swing a lot of current as orthos love it. Then I came across this gem, should I bite the bullet? Currently using Sennheiser HD600 and Denon AH D2000s. Skimming through this thread it seems to be a pretty safe and sensible choice.
actually nvm i just realised theyre different. In my area 6F8G tubes are difficult to get a hold of and have no idea where to get such adapter from
Id be interested to try the 6f8g tubes and since you say they are electrically equivalent to the 6sn7 would that mean i can use 6sn7 adapters or would i need to buy an adapter specially for the 6f8g tubes.
alright waiting eagerly for your opinion
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