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No customs charge in my experience when I purchased from aliexpress assume you would be in the same boat.
IMO the gain switch shouldn't have any impact on the sound signature though there are subjective opinions stating otherwise. In my experience there is no difference its just louder.
strange never had an issue with my modded ah d2000s sound great to me
If you all about euphoric sound and what sounds pleasing to the ear then yeah sure. If you are about accuracy and whats better on paper definately not. Its all personal preference at the end of the day.
I liked it so much I actually sold my Woo Audio WA6. I think that says enough.
Believe me the v200 is a demo unit so will be burned in and my H10 has many many hours on it.Quote:With a design so similar I cant see one being inherently worse then the other. The V200 is a fantastic amp as is the Gustard, with the V200 you are paying for the fact that it is made in Germany, R&D, aswell as the reputation of the brand itself. With the Gustard you are paying for none of that, hence why its so affordable and such a good amplifier at this price point. From...
Now this has me curious, will be definately be testing the V200 in store against my Gustard H10 will document the differences and report back soon
I personally wouldn't roll op amps in the Gustard. I feel that it was designed specifically to use those opamps included with the unit, I feel that swapping them may have a negative impact on the amp itself then again im not an electrical engineer I just feel its better left the way it is.
I've personally seen authentic burr brown opa134pa with that exact logo before. I don't think it is fake...
im thining of upgrading to the smsl m8 but questioning whether its really an upgrade from my DacMagic 100 with WM8742. If the sabre chip is well implemented it definitely will be.
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