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im thining of upgrading to the smsl m8 but questioning whether its really an upgrade from my DacMagic 100 with WM8742. If the sabre chip is well implemented it definitely will be.
Believe me it does get extremely hot after extended use if you take the lid off the amp and touch the heatsink the transistors are on its very hot. The only reason the amplifier case only gets only luke warm after extended use is because unlike many other class a amps the Gustard doesn't use the case as a heatsink.
Finally someone who sees this, for an amplifier to be properly balanced it needs to have balanced inputs and circuitry aswell as a balanced output, otherwise it defeats the whole purpose. A lot of people seem to think the only real difference between balanced amps is the input and output. Personally there is no point to buying a balanced amplifier if you are planning on using the single ended output (as its a compromise better off with a amp designed for single ended use...
I can almost guarantee you the single ended output on the Gustard H10 would be superior to the single ended output on the HA1. On most balanced amplifiers the single ended output is more of a 'Oh look we just finished our fully balanced headphone amplifier should we add an option for single ended? Yeah ok' you get what I mean. I'm not going to comment on the balanced output though.
I wasn't actually aware that Sherwood ever made any serious audio gear (the stuff they make today is god awful) but this definitely is looks proper its gorgeous let us know how it sounds please? :)
quite a recent change they got rid of the of the old daggy box not sure exactly when they did this though
Man finding an upgrade to the HD600s is difficult honestly prefer their sonic signature over anything else in their price range, but i think upgrading to planars later down the line has reached the point of diminishing returns. I don't think i can ever part ways with them even if i do buy something more expensive ill always go back to them. That's how good I feel they are.
Where can i purchase this fine amplifier from?
The part im looking for is the marble plastic you see here beneath the drivers. I went on the spare parts site and sadly this is the only part of the headphone they don't list for purchase. I just found that this is part 008 of the headphone but they don't list a price for a replacement however they do with every other part.
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