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I just want to get the power I need to parallel 2 pairs of MMGs in the future :p
Everyone's entitled to all the extra artificial useless bits of information on the top of their music that they want. :3
I have the Modi and it only supports up to 24/92, no expert mode. Not that you really need anything other than 16/44.1, just sayin'
Spotify lets you choose what songs you want to listen to if you want that, but also has a radio function. For highest quality audio, go to your nearest library and scour the cd selection for your favorite artists.
Very jealous, I won't get the Lyr2 'till next year! Enjoy it!
No comment.  HA! You think medication will work on me?!
When I listen to music, I tell people not to bother me, close the door, draw the curtains, turn off the heater, sacrifice an animal, and then cover the lights on the Magni/Modi so the room is completely dark.I need the demons to listen with me.
True, all I wear is black and grey. And my room has colour only when the computer screen is open. Black and grey are nice
Maybe they should have another run of Black chassis gen2? Then you'd have to redecorate the whole room to fit the style.
Schiit's selling a few black first generation lyrs, valhallas, and bifrosts. I'm so dissapointed that I can't get any of em 'cause of my budget! Noooooooooo. Go ahead and spread the word so they're all snapped up. Damn they look sexy
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