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I'll be looking forward to your review. I'm looking out for an amp with preamp that'll work well with speakers and headphones.
Save up until you can spend $100 or so on a DAC/amp like Schiit's Fulla ($79), or any other combo for cheap. I've got a Magni/Modi combo from Schiit (both $100) and I love it.
And you can get pretty damn close to TOTL with 'mid-fi' equipment and companies that strive to get the best bang-for-the-buck. You don't need to own em! 
Nice! I tend to listen to a lot of different genres in a single listening session. That, and I like a can that can do everything well. And don't worry, I don't have any Metallica lying around so I'll be good. :p I'm just trying to decide between the Ether and the HE-6, or possibly whatever HiFiMAN will make to replace the HE-6. The LCD-2 is appealing, but that's gonna be a can I'll get after I've got my speaker setup. Everything I've heard about the Ether is really good,...
Would everyone who has anEther say that they're genre masters, or do they do much better in certain types of music?
I hope they aren't on backorder by the time I want to get one! Building these intricate machines probably takes a while, and getting all the pieces.. I understand why some companies like the idea of being a monopoly
Esperanza Spalding's first album is a fantastic jazz experience. I'm thankful I know about this amazing bassist and vocalist because without her, modern jazz would definitely be much bleaker. Fantastic album, very acoustic and free feeling songs. I love hearing the musicians mumble to eachother and play off of one another's ideas.
Everyone's reference is different because noone hears the same. Why not just let everyone use their own music? Jason said something about that, and I agree. There's no better way to test a system than to use music you'll be listening to anyway. 
YKYAAW you love listening to Thelonius Monk muttering to himself as he plays those fantastic chords of his.
I'm pretty sure this is a no, especially because most amps run rot, especially class-a amps which are supposed to get pretty darn hot. 
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