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Iwould never advocate the immolation of your transducers, mainly due to the fact that it may void the warranty and cause massive driver damage. Er.. If I were you, I would just listen to them normally. Burn-in will work as you listen to them.
Just bought the He-500 a few minutes ago. Ugh, lots of money for the thing, I'm expecting great things out of them. I'll post my impressions on them in early January, and I'll decide if they need upgraded cables and pads then. I'm looking forward to them getting here, and I can't wait to hear em!
Ho dog, lot of money for a good tube. I'll prolly start with something much cheaper, probably something either under $50 a piece, but I'll work my way up. Hope you're having a ton of fun with your music!
You got the version that's being produced today? Or NOS?
Looking forward to these new releases in 2015! Even if I won't get em, I can always read the FAQ for a good laugh. Keep up the insane work, I'll be interested for quite a long while
Everyone is relieving me of my paranoia, thanks a bunch. I just decided to do a little googling around and couldn't find anything at all, which is probably simply due to my inexperience. I'll likely do a bunch of studying up on all kinds of tubes, as well as a read-through of this thread and some intense website browsing for all manner of tube related fetishes. :p Guess I'm in for the long haul if I'm gonna get into tubes. Also, do tubes really have a fairly large amount...
I picked a random number under 5. I just want fairly closely matched tubes, since that'd be ideal. I saw a site selling unmatched tubes, and that wouldn't be cool on my ears if I found some totally different tubes for each output. I won't have the Lyr 'till next year, so ai guess I do have a lot of time to research and such, I just hate seeing the SOLD OUT bolded letters on something I may need in the future. So, if I ever run into some good tubes online, I should try and...
A lot of the tubes that work for the Lyr seem to be in short supply all over the internet on tube sites everywhere. Should I be worried that I'll never find a good pair, or is there at least a smidgen of hope that I can get some good tubes that are at least 2% matched and won't cost me half the rent?
If I ever find the patience to save up for two and a half years after I've got my budget end-game setup, I might invest in some LCD2s, to have a brighter ortho (HE-500) and the best dark one out there. Hopefully by that time, prices will have fallen significantly. I have the feeling I'm gonna be an orthohead once I get my HiFiMANs in a week or two. Can't see a single thing bad said about Audeze either. I like what I read in reviews, so I'm hopeful that I'll have one of...
Just joking anyway, I'd rather keep out of tubes until I get the Lyr, and then if I go out an get more headphones, like the HD650 or something, I might get tubes, but I haven't done my research on those yet, and I'm not sure about amassing amps and tubes and headphones anyway. I'd rather have a killer setup with just a few excellent pieces.
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