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Probably import fees and shipping I'd guess. Or the vendor needs to pay their employees too. :p
Because I spent more than $1000 in the past couple of months, I'll be waiting to get the HD 650 until next year, or possibly, even the year after that. Either the Gungnir Multibit or the HD 650. I'll have to decide over the next 14 months which one I want more. Now that I've got the HE-500 and GH1, all I need to complete my headphone collection is a laid back can. Energy with the Grado, great all arounder with the HiFiMan, and then something smooth with the Sennheiser. I...
I think I just had them so far forward that the opening to my ear drum was almost covered by the L-cushion and breaking the 'seal'.
I came across a revelation last night when listening to my GH1. I've always had it very forward on my ears and so I lost a lot of sound and they just didn't sound like grado. Where was the energy it had before break-in? Why were the mids so weak? Where's the bass? And then I slipped em back a few millimeters and BANG, all the sound came back! The cymbals danced in my head, the bass came back, and damn are those mids nice and full! Review will start next weekend because I...
PM Jason if this ever happens again. This goes to everybody. If you have a complaint about a product, send your message to the company itself or a representative of said company. 
Now I've got to decide between Bimbo, Gumby, and Yggy! I'll probably go with the Gungnir MB, but I'm really glad Schiit has got everything in order so far.    As for all those distressed individuals regarding their Bifrost retail plummet value and such, Schiit Happens. It was a good DAC then and it's still a good DAC now. 
Seeing as it's a 14 hour drive from Kansas City, and I haven't asked off work, and I've got school going on, I don't think I can make this one. However, I might try next year! I really want to make it to a show someday, but I'm just too darn poor!
Can it cure our lust for 'inferior' cans?
The GH1 is a very nice looking pair of cans, especially in comparison to the SR-80i I have, but I was disappointed with the same plastic gimbal thing. For $650 I really would like something sturdier and a little more attractive. Even the HiFiMan HE-500 at least feels nice for the $440 price I got it at (holy cow that thing is a tank). However, despite my whinings in relation to the less important parts of the cans, these Grados do look very handsome. The cups are very...
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