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I would say go for a FirstWatt speaker amp on the used market, but you'd still be looking at $1K+.Lyr 2 can power just about anything and so can Audio-GD stuff.
Bestintheversecables.com He makes the cables to order so it takes a couple weeks to get em, but they're really fairly priced and use canare star quad wire, same stuff they use for almost any professional microphone cable. 
I've got 3 right now, but I'll be selling my HD-650s soon because they get so little headtime. All I'll have is the HE-500 and TH-X00 and that's all I'll need!
I'm done with the headphone game now, settled on the two I use the most and I'm gonna sell the HD-650 later. Now all I've gotta do is wait for a good phono preamp to appear in the market and then it'll be music that I'll budget for. Maybe I'll get a Mutec and a Regen but probably next year and only if I think I need em. Schiit Gungnir Multibit, Pro-Ject Xpression with carbon fiber arm, Schiit Mani, and Cavalli Liquid Carbon. Fostex TH-X00 and HiFiMAN HE-500. Also,...
Want the GH-1 and an original Magni?
Off go my GH-1s to new owners! Put em up for sale just today, I love em to death, but I gotta fund my new (last) amp somehow. I've still got the SR-80i though!
I've finally finished my headphone journey, and along the way I picked up the GH-1. It's a really fun can, but I've decided the Grado sound just isn't for me anymore and I'm letting them go to a new home. They'll ship with the cans, 1/4 adapter, pizza box, and original shipping box. Additional pictures can be requested if needed. Price is set at $550
I was originally going to get a Yggy and wanted to save up so I wouldn't lose any money at all, but a black Gumby became available and I couldn't resist. The X00 was just a no brainer because I was always craving more bass on electronic music. The HD650 was the result of much peer pressure and good advice.
I hope you looked at the Yggy impressions thread as well. Everyone who got one ended at the same place, where they stopped worrying about differences between the Yggy and other DACs and just started listening to the music. I've got the multibit Gungnir and I love it. Never getting another DAC, bought all the headphones I'll need, so all that's left for me is a good tube amp and then it's back to buying music until I get a house. Then it'll be speakers. After that, who...
The 2-channel amp with its new topology is definitely interesting. However, is it Magnepan-worthy? The Manhattan Project is something I forsee wanting, but I promised myself no purchases until next winter. Besides, we don't even know what it is! Whatever the secret is seems to be not something too small, and since it isn't a confirmed amp, and not digital, it could be an attenuator preamp or something like that. It'd make sense with the speaker amps in mind. Who knows,...
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