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taping the ex1000 won't do anything to the bass. you need to manually EQ it but it responds really well if you do it right
You could try the Pinnacle P1's mic cable
The following would be my picks: Strong Bass: Sony 7550/Ex800, Sony xb90ex, Sony XBA-Z5, JVC FX1100/850, IE800 Overall all rounder: Sony Ex1000 IMO If price isn't an issue for you I'd also look into the Campfire Vega or Lyra II but from what I've read they're not enough of an upgrade over some of what I listed to warrant the price difference.
This is a basshead IEM thread.  Neither the andromeda nor jupiter can be considered basshead IMO.   If you want bass in an IEM try something like the Sony 7550 or JVC FX850/1100, both of which would cost a lot less than either the jupiter or andromeda.
CK (cerakote) is just a coating on the outside of the shells to help durability and doesn't change the sound.
 The ex1000 is nearly 6-7 years old now whereas the harmony is only 1-2 years old.  They both have monstrous sound stage and imaging capabilities.  Mids are pretty similar between the two, but ultimately some people don't like the BA sound compared to dynamic drivers. They both have great treble extension but the Ex1000 has some treble spikes around 7k range that I do not hear with the harmony. Harmony has much more bass impact than the ex1000 but they both reach down...
 The harmonies are great, probably my favorite hybrid that I've ever tried.  There's been a lot of horror stories surrounding the MMCX connectors leading to loss of sound on a side or even both on Aurisonics/Fender sets so if possible you should try to avoid switching the cables too often if possible.  I barely do and the connectors are still among the loosest I've ever seen so just be careful of that  
From what I've read the FXA7 is very similar to the Harmony which is supposedly the Forte with better mids and extension on the highs.   The 535's are honestly pretty bad in 2016.  When they first came out the sound may have justified the price but now you can do much better for the 400-500 they usually sell for.  IMO, the 535's treble and bass extension is pretty bad and detailing is also mediocre at that pricepoint.
The japanese ex1000 comes with a really good cable. In north america they gave us a crappy ex600 cable with the ex1000.  The RK-Ex1000 cable is much more durable and some say have better sound as well.
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