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Klipsch X7i has incredibly smooth mids and highs and would be nice for female vocals. Bass texture and detail is great, but its a bit light on impact though, but that should be expected from a single BA driver IEM.  Watch out for build quality, I had to replace the jack on my x7 because the original broke.   I have never listened to the IE60 so maybe someone else can tell you about them.   Edit: If you plan on using these in the gym they might fall out often and I'm...
 I'm confident in Fidue's build quality as I have the A83 and its build quality is phenomenal.     However I think I'll just sit tight with my old faithful EX1000 until more impressions of the SIRIUS are out, my wallet will thank me for it.    
The real question is how much the SIRIUS's sound is of an improvement over the former flagship A83 and whether its worth the $600+ price difference 
Those connectors look awesome. MMCX + Sony EX-1000 style screw in combined into one
I think some people have mentioned earlier in this thread that the A2 has a better performance to price value than the A3 and Z5.  Although the A3 or Z5 is arguably better sounding, they are extremely expensive
Can someone who has listened to both the XBA-A2 and the Fidue A83 give any comparisons between the two since they are both triple driver hybrids and are priced similarly? 
Can you comment on the mids of the A2 vs the EX1000? Since the A2 uses two BA drivers for mids and highs does it sound as natural as the dynamic driven EX1000? 
I've been using an EX1000 for a couple years now as my main IEM but sound is starting to cut in and out periodically and the fit is honestly a bit weird.  I really liked the controlled bass, soundstage, and overall neutrality of the EX1000 and a lot of people have been saying that the A3 and the Z5 have a bit too much bass.  Does anyone here have experience with both the A2 and the EX1000 as to give a brief comparison between the two and whether the A2 would be an upgrade...
 I have the original DNA on ear and I love the sound however it gets uncomfortable after a while and I prefer over ears in general.  How different is the over ear version compared to the on ear?
How different is the sound of the DNA Pro from the DNA on ear? Is it even more balanced than the diamond tears?
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