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i dont think it will fit, the cushion is octagonal shape, and fit the same way it fit senheisers 
i got the same problem, kinda distorted out of the box
I just bought the xl cushion pad. It does more comfortable since its deeper, but it still not so comfortable compared to my Sennheisers. I was wandering, it was written Memory cushion, so perhaps i misunderstand it with memory foam which is definitely the most comfortable material for a pad/cushion. When I took it out from the box, the cushion was somehow distorted and you need to squeeze it bit to re-mould it into shape. That's not nice.    I was wandering if somebody...
Not that I notice, since changing earpads quite hard in the first time, but what I can say is, it improve LOTS of comfy. Tough its still hurt a bit, but its ok since i love the cans a lot
​   General Specifications (as in packaging):   Frequency Response : 8 - 22.000 Hz Driver                        : 9 mm Sensitivity                 : 100 dB/mW Impedance                : 16 ohm Plug                         : 3.5 mm L-Shaped Gold Plated Accessories              : SML Silicone earbuds, Cable Roller   Design and Build Quality Pros: Really lightweight and comfortable, doesn't really feels like using it at all, once you got good fit, it will...
Maybe your androids phone might run out battery even before the amps runs out 
Bahahaha, that's what I am looking for as well, room mates are uncompromising most of the time.
Is it have a overpowering bass? I don't like too much bass, I just need it to be there but not overwhelming. Mid range & treble is my favorite
Well, I will set the playlist not to replay, so it will stop after around 1 hrs. If played it all night long, I won't hear my alarm in the morning and that would be very bad  Anyway, don't like to crank music up, I lost all the detail (mark Detail-Head) 
It's a nice product  Compared with the E3 which totally disgrace to the brand Well, that E6 is a random buy tough so in the end I don't really using it, because even it is very portable and have a long battery life, still not as much hassle less compared if you plug it directly to the source. I might wait to use it with heavier headphones.*thinking about buying FiiO DAC 
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