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For me, i wish m100 have rotating joint just like mdr1a so the pressure distributed evenly around the ear
Ah I see, if there's some people who's interested, you might be able to send the item here. I'm not sure of it tough, even tough I saw some Indonesian in the head-fi facebook groups, I don't know them. 
Idk if you can actually send it to my location but I just curious with the can   Location: Bogor, Indonesia Source Inventory: Ipod Shuffle, Laptop, Sony Xperia Z1 Compact (have FiiO E6 but unlikely to be used) Pro-Ject gear you possess: none Headphones you possess: Sennheiser HD429, Vmoda M100, Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear,  Links to previous reviews:    I did write a review with my HD429 but now since I got spoiled by many other high-end cans (including my Vmoda...
Well, IMO the sound doesn't change (not that I notice) It still as good as it with the original pads, but since the original is more shallow, the sound feel a bit more intimate, especially the vocal. But the rest actually not that different IMO. Maybe you just got some fugazi because of people's opinion. Well, anyway by the time it will get shallow since it pressed a lot with usage.
Some questions. I plan to have this together with Vmoda Boompro Mic, will it work with 4pins Aux? I mean the microphone. So.... it wont charging while using it as a computer DAC with USB input?
how's the E18? I'm thinking about buying the E17K for my laptop so I don't think I will use it with my android phone tough. But additional feature could be useful tough
i dont think it will fit, the cushion is octagonal shape, and fit the same way it fit senheisers 
i got the same problem, kinda distorted out of the box
I just bought the xl cushion pad. It does more comfortable since its deeper, but it still not so comfortable compared to my Sennheisers. I was wandering, it was written Memory cushion, so perhaps i misunderstand it with memory foam which is definitely the most comfortable material for a pad/cushion. When I took it out from the box, the cushion was somehow distorted and you need to squeeze it bit to re-mould it into shape. That's not nice.    I was wandering if somebody...
Not that I notice, since changing earpads quite hard in the first time, but what I can say is, it improve LOTS of comfy. Tough its still hurt a bit, but its ok since i love the cans a lot
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