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Just look up in the folder sd card. The only downside is that it doesnt read both memory at the same time
I think FiiO psoting the same specs both E17 and E17K. Except different features.
So basically except features, E17K and E10K have similar sound signature is it? I am planning to buy E10K since my E17K's battery got bloated, so I guess plugging it to PC all the time is not good for battery powered Amp/DAC
Hahaha, i just playing around with my toys and see whats different, that's it.
Ah ya right. Sorry about that.What I mean was using E17K as a DAC via usb and then connect it to E6 as amp through LineOut.
So whats the difference between the line out and the headphone jack? Why does it sounds so different? What does that mean direct line level?I tried to use my E6 through Line Out and I notice it sounds a bit better, though. Is that something expected?
 LoL, I just notice that. So you actually put the auxiliary through that Line-Out on the back and run your HD555 from the front, is it?I have no idea that it actually work (transferring that analog signal to the headphone). Don't mind that buddy. Everyone does that kinds of mistake once in awhile, hahaha.
I'm a newbie and be mindful regarding my question that may sound too stupid.   E17K is a multi-tool in one DAC as well as Amp. There is a Line In/Line Out jack right in between the headphones jack and digital coaxial input.    So if I want to use it as an Amp, I can simply use an auxiliary cable going to the Line-in/Line-Out jack and voila! E17K is an amp, correct?   My regular use is E17K as a DAC via USB, so what is the function of that Line-Out actually in this...
Of course, the retail listed in vmoda website and have the s/n (well at least the replaced one)
I bought the white color one in a shop in Thailand while on vacation. It turns out that it had a cracked plastic and the color somehow looks dirty. I did swap it back to the shop but ended up they don't have another white color which is very dissapointing (though the ribbon is in place) I think Vmoda should have a better quality control before distributing it's product. The same quality issue happen also with the XL Pads which is looks flattened and distorted (UGLY)
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