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Ok sorry if I sound a little clueless because I am but I think I'm going with the RHA MA350 I hear really good about the bass hope I'm not unsatisfied but they have to be better than Skullcandy Inkd LOL
What about Koss KSC35 or the Porta Pros is the bass good?
I hear the Koss KSC35 are actually better? They're supposed to be about the same as the Porta Pros I think. Does the bass hit good on the KSC35 because I've never really heard any open ear phones with good bass? Would you recommend them for a bass head?
I feel like I've been spamming this site the past few days because I've been really unable to decide what phones I'm going to buy with $30 but I now am looking at two different options either Soundmagic e10 (IEM) or Panasonic RP-HTF-600S (cans). So do you think $30 cans would be better quality than $30 IEM's? Which will have better bass and overall sound quality?
The past couple of days I've been looking for some bass heavy earphones with decent clarity around $30 and I've narrowed it down to five choices either Sennheiser CX250, Soundmagic E10, or TDK EB900, (IEMS) OR Koss Porta Pro or Koss KSC35 (both over ear). I'm hearing a lot of good about Soundmagic E10 but I am a little concerned about being sent a fake. Out of the five that I named which do you believe would be the most suitable for a bass head?
Im now stuck in between koss porta pro, sennheiser cx300, soundmagic e10
Im considering buying the Porta Pros but do you think they are good for a "basshead"  If not what would you consider some of the best bass headphones (IEMS or over ear) for about $30 any feedback will be greatly appreciated thanks ~
Will I notice a significant difference in sound quality over the Skullcandy inkd? And does the bass kind of make rock songs sound bad? no big deal if it does just curious
Not to sound like a tool here but the best IEM's I've had are Skullcandy Inkd and was wondering is the M6's bass noticeably better than the inkd?
Yea I know a lot of people say Skullcandys are overrated but they were worth it for the price I got them and to me sounded good but if everyone thinks Skullcandy sucks then what do they prefer for that budget?
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