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Sale pending.
Alright, I'd like to sell this soon so let's try another price drop.
Bump and a price drop.
I am unfortunately looking to sell my wonderful Assemblage DAC 3.0. I originally bought it here on Head-Fi around two years ago and it was owned by another user before that. It is the best DAC I've heard, and an absolute bargain for the price.   I paid around $700 shipped for it, and that was without the faceplate. I bought a faceplate from a friend who happened to have an extra one but it's not attached because the mounting stems broke off (see pics) and my attempt to...
Sale pending.
Recently almost all of my music listening has been with speakers so unfortunately I can't justify keeping these anymore. I bought them a couple years ago after hearing a pair at a meet and absolutely falling in love with them. They are the most comfortable and best sounding headphones I have ever heard, especially with a nice tube amp. Alas...   There are a few small chips in the silver finish along the front edge, which seems to be fairly common with these....
A great pair of headphones in great shape, including the original box and accessories. They come with a straight cable, a coiled cable, an extra pair of velour earpads (never used), and a nice hard carrying case. Shipping is $10 to the US.
I bought this from another Head-Fier about a year ago. It's in excellent shape and everything works perfectly. Includes the original packaging, remote, cotton gloves, and packing slip from the factory. New, this is a $3,000 DAC.   $1,800 shipped to the US.
I bought this new from Woo Audio about a year ago. It's by far the nicest headphone amp I've listened to, and it looks and feels the part. (If you've never seen a Woo product in person, they are incredibly solid and gorgeous creations.)   It ships in the original boxes (one for each unit), with the original tubes (2x 300B, 2x 274B, 2x 6SN7GT). Asking $2,800 shipped within the US. Contact me for international shipping.
Another price drop. Nobody?
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