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I definitely don't want the lows overpowering and muddling up the mids and highs.. I like a smooth signature and my head responds to the drums and beats in songs.. Oh and I also listen to trance, house and similar kind..
Thank you for the suggestions. Placed them both in my research list. Now just hoping I can try them somewhere. I have read their reviews on amazon and headfi. Most people have given positive feedback. I listen mostly to ACDC, Black Sabbath, system of a down, pink Floyd, led zep, Metallica... But I like bass.. So I want to feel the drums in these songs and get to hear the other instruments fairly well too... Would the cans you suggested serve the purpose..?
Hi All, I'm a newbie to the headphones scene. I own and have tried a lot of headphones under the 25$ mark. I tried a few headphones on display at Bose and Bestbuy. To my untrained ears, I was blown away by the tracks ultra. I felt that the bass was awesome and clear and that the other parts of the music were well heard. I tried all Bose headphones and I was not impressed with the bass response. The Bose and tracks ultras were tried with personal music from iPhone. Now I...
I'm looking to make my first purchase of good quality headphones and I'd definitely be interested in checking a few headphones out. When is it going to happen?
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