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Just got this thing in the mail, and after a charge and some music listening I'm really liking the sound of this thing.
Just ordered one of these off Amazon (40 bucks, 28 after some Amazon points). Should come in a few days, I'll give it a listen. Should be a nice thing to carry around during the day.
Where's the best place to buy this thing? I'm thinking about buying this thing because I'ld like a cheap (but quality) amp. DX has it for the lowest price, but it seems like you have to have an account on DX to buy things from it? Can you delete the account afterwards? What are people's experiences with this?
Yeah, US. 
I'm considering buying the NX1, there's a lot of good feedback about it here. Someone did frequency response measurements and the NX1 seemed to measure nearly ruler-flat. Judging from the feedback I think either seems like a very decent choice. Where'd you order/buy the NX1?
How do you think they compare in terms of build quality?
I'm looking for a portable amp that I can hopefully stuff in my pocket along with my source component (usually an iPod with a LOD cable). I've listened to cheap little cmoy tin amps, and they're pretty nice except they pick up a lot of EMI when I place them on my desk (which is also common). Headphones I use range from fairly easy to drive 50 ohm ones to some 600 ohm cans like oldschool AKG K240s.   I'd like the usual 3.5mm I/O, an indicator LED, and maybe the volume...
I've done plug replacements on Sennheiser headphones: at least on the HD428s, the three wires are red (right channel), blue (left channel) and orange (ground). Usually when i do this sort of thing I have a solder gun (one of those big, 100 watt monsters) to burn off the thread inside/take off the coating. I'm not exactly sure how to work with the wires found in these headphones in terms of stripping/soldering them to a new plug. Has anyone had any experience/luck in doing...
ah, well, i didn't think to ask more about it but i've heard naks are pretty good. if i can find one cheap is it worth picking up?
i was told that nakamichis were EQ'd wrong (and not by some average joe; a guy who's been working in hifi for over 40 years)? anyways, if i wasn't gonna to go an actual store and get one off ebay, are there any specific models? (funnily enough i have the hk3500 from around the same era, a really nice stereo receiver)
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