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It's nice to see that they're still making gaming headsets.   Looks to be very similar to the pc363d's, but with new software and straight to USB. The pc363d's had 3.5mm connections so you could swap use other headphones/mic's with their USB dongle. Additionally, this feature was useful because you could take a Y-cable and use the headset with your PS4 controller (although this nixes the virtual surround sound).   It'll be neat if you can plug them directly into the...
Massdrop user: Massivelythin   I would like to see a drop relating to cable storage or something to help me use my audiophile habit with gaming.
Sorry to have derailed the thread! I became irrational and worried that my TH600's from B&H were fakes.
Weird. My cable was wrapped in in foam. Other reviews do not mention the bag. Maybe they changed things?
Was this set of headphones supposed to come with a felt-like bag? Another thread mentioned that both the TH600 and TH900 were supposed to come with a fabric bag, but mine did not. I'm curious to hear what was in everyone else's box when they opened it.
Nuts, my TH600's didn't come with a pouch.
 If this sounds near the JVC HP-DX1000's then I'm hooked. I heard those and they were amazing.
So have these been compared by someone experienced with the TH-600?   Still, as a TH-600 owner I will still probably be getting one because I have a weak spot for wooden cups (without breaking the bank) after listening to several in Japan.
In case this helps anyone: I use the Schiit Vali with my AKG K712 Pro's and find them to be a great combination for the price.
I felt that the Schiit Vali played to the K712's strengths. That or it hit my own sweet spot.
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