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Just got the ps4. Using the Astro Mixamp 2011 and the astro y-splitterfor my headset and clip-on mic (console settings are correct per the ps4/astro setup video). The chat volume I hear is very soft while everyone hears me just fine. Staying wired isn't a problem for me. What do I need in order to hear normal chat volume levels? Or, am I stuck having to upgrade to the latest mixamp version.
The Court of the Crimson King sounds amazing with these!   These are extremely comfortable as well.
The Matrix M-Stage HPA-2 (USB) is relatively new. Since people like the M-stage with AKG's 7xx's that amp/DAC might be a good combination.   I just found out about it while considering the M-Stage.
 I haven't heard the Q701's, but The K712's work extremely well for me with the Magni and the 2011 mixamp when gaming on a console.  Fun fact: the orange cable is more visible and I've tripped over it less. I think the extra 3dB helped and I've looked, can't stop looking, at new headphones with renewed wallet-control now.
I use a Magni and I like it. Great little amp for music and gaming.
I found that that K712 sounded thinner through the mixamp than the X1. The listening experience was bland. The SBZ headphone amp seems to correct this for me.I have yet to try an amp to boost the mixamp. MLE's tread mentioned that Amos helped the Annies when used with the mixamp. The K712's are close enough to have the same benefit I believe.
Is there an OpenAL starter-guide for dummies? Some of my friends just picked up Borderlands 2 so this sound technology interests me.
Would solid state or tube amps match the K712 more? I'm torn between the Vali and Magni. I know tubes are a fickle (user preference) medium, but it seems like there aren't too many technical issues with the Vali.
Has anyone paired this with an AKG K7xx headphone? I have a K712 Pro and I'm curious if this might be a good fit. I had been considering the Magni until the Vali was released.
I'm thinking Magni, Vali, or Asgard 2. For the music quality I listen to the SBZ DAC is more than enough. I have a feeling tubes will be more of an annoyance, especially with the vibration induced ringing of the Vali, so maybe it's just two choices? Btw, Startraff 2 and Diablo 3 had surprisingly good positioning with the SBZ. I could hear things around where I was looking so precisely that I didn't use my radar sometimes. (If the noise was close enough). An RTS with sound...
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