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Massdrop user: Massivelythin   I would like to see a drop relating to cable storage or something to help me use my audiophile habit with gaming.
Sorry to have derailed the thread! I became irrational and worried that my TH600's from B&H were fakes.
Weird. My cable was wrapped in in foam. Other reviews do not mention the bag. Maybe they changed things?
Was this set of headphones supposed to come with a felt-like bag? Another thread mentioned that both the TH600 and TH900 were supposed to come with a fabric bag, but mine did not. I'm curious to hear what was in everyone else's box when they opened it.
Nuts, my TH600's didn't come with a pouch.
 If this sounds near the JVC HP-DX1000's then I'm hooked. I heard those and they were amazing.
So have these been compared by someone experienced with the TH-600?   Still, as a TH-600 owner I will still probably be getting one because I have a weak spot for wooden cups (without breaking the bank) after listening to several in Japan.
In case this helps anyone: I use the Schiit Vali with my AKG K712 Pro's and find them to be a great combination for the price.
I felt that the Schiit Vali played to the K712's strengths. That or it hit my own sweet spot.
Aliens Versus Predator 2
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