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I felt that the Schiit Vali played to the K712's strengths. That or it hit my own sweet spot.
Aliens Versus Predator 2
Using the Astro Mixamp 2011 and the astro y-splitterfor my headset and clip-on mic (console settings are correct per the ps4/astro setup video). The chat volume I hear is very soft while everyone hears me just fine. Staying wired isn't a problem for me. What do I need in order to hear normal chat volume levels? Or, am I stuck having to upgrade to the latest mixamp version.
Are most of us on PS4?
I have to charge the headset as frequently as I do my controller. This makes me leave the PS4 in standby every four days after adapting. Oh yeah! It does have a customizable EQ through the headset app you can get from the PSN store and it has a very good mic. Granted...my Astro Mixamp 2011 with my AKG K712 Pro was fantastic. However, all inbound voice audio from friends was very, very soft. Apparently this is a bug that is only solved with a firmware upgrade available to...
 What setup are you using to listen to Destiny's audio? I'm using Sony's Wireless Gold headset and the positioning is fantastic. (I still use hi-fi stuff, I swear! >_>)
Bahahaha! Level 26 hunter. I can't wait to play more now that the newest patch is out. Sorry, I laugh because the hunter hasn't finished Venus and has never been to Mars in the story. It piggybacks on my friend's to get the bounties on those planets completed.
Thanks for the responses. My 23 Titan might be able to buy some extra handcannons for my 22 Hunter/Warlock alts.
If you get a faction weapon/armor on one character, can it be shared with another character on your account? Or is there a reputation requirement to use the weapon? I ask this because I have yet to purchase anything from a vendor that requires rank 2/3.
Lvl 21 Titan on PS4. PSN: Skipshrike.   Auto-shotguns make me giggle in this game. They're pretty dirty.
New Posts  All Forums: