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Alright thanks. I am now seeing the HD598's for 200 dollars, and that seems like a steal to me, but I've also been looking at the DT 880 Pro 250 Ohm. Do you know anything about those? 
 That sounds like a good plan.  If I were to get an amp, would I also need a DAC? 
 I know this is an old thread, but did you say it's possible to get the HD598's for $180? Or am I reading your post incorrectly? 
 Thanks! Will I notice a big difference amped vs unamped if the sound is coming from my phone?  And where can I go to try some of these headphones on?
 Ignore this post too. I posted it thinking that I the post I made hadn't gotten through, so I posted again. Are there any cheaper alternatives to the E17? Also, where can I try on some of these headphones? 
 Sorry, just ignore this post. I'm not really sure how to delete posts.
 Are there any cheaper alternatives to the E17? The 598 may just be my first high quality headphone. 
 I checked out the 598. It seems like a very good all around, entry headphone. I'm just concerned about whether or not it's worth the price.  The q701 also seems like a warmer alternative to the k701/2, but I'm not sure how heavily amped it needs to be. I'm willing to get buy an amp/dac for it, if necessary, but I'd prefer not to have to do that.  In a similar vein, would the 598's show any significant difference if amped?
 Do you know of any headphones with a slightly smaller soundstage?  And what is the difference betweent k/q 701/702? A lot of the threads I've looked through seem to indicate that the q's have more emphasized bass, but other than that are the same as the k's. Is that correct? 
 Is there such thing as a soundstage that sounds unnaturally large? 
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