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It looks like  it's a toss up between the TP22 and the Indeed. I guess i have some thinking to do.     Thanks a lot for your input.
 Yeah, i think the SMSL and Audiosorce is out for now.  I think i might end up getting the Topping Tp22. It is a bit more expensive than the Tp20, but it looks very nice. The other one in the same price range is the Dayton Audio DTA-120.  Thanks 
Here are some i have been looking at:     AudioSource AMP-100        SMSL SA50 50WX2         Topping TP20-MK2 MKII   
I was wondering if anyone has and recommendations for an amp that will be used with the Micca Mb42x? I would like to spend under $100. I have had a Lepai in the past and would really like to get something a little better. I will be using this as a desktop set up so something smaller would be better, although if it was really good i could probably find room for a larger amp.     Thanks!
All is sold
PM replied, pending payment 
I have a Schiit Modi in super great condition for sale. I have had this DAC for a few months, and right now i am in the need for some cash so it has to go. (Includes USB cable)   Unfortunately it does not ship in the original packaging as i cannot see to find it. I can however assure you that it will be packaged very well.   $70.00 PayPal ONLY (please add 3% for the PayPal fee).  I can pay the shipping as long as your in the United States.         Thank you
ALL IS SOLD     Thanks everyone 
Pending Payment
PM replied.   Still available as of now. 
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