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Feel free to make offers.
I have a Super Pro 707 for sale, i traded for this from another member here on headfi. I had plans to use this as my main DAC, but ended up buying a Schiit Modi, so i really do not have a use for this anymore. This unit is in perfect condition. It has connections for coaxial, optical, DSD, and usb.         $65.00 TYD PayPal only   Free shipping in USA only.     Thanks
I have a pair of HD598's for sale in excellent condition. They will ship in the original packaging with a set of brand new unopened ear pads.     $100.00 TYD          PayPal only.           (Free shipping in the US only)         Thanks
Im looking for something in the middle of the DT800/600 and the HD600.    I love the HD600 because its ease of listening, everything seemed balanced. I like the DT880/600 for it's amazing detail and bright sound, but for me sometimes they can be a bit harsh in the treble.   So to make a long story short i'm just looking for something in the middle of the two. I would love nothing more than to buy something like the Beyerdynamic T1, but unforchantly i do not have a...
SOLD.     Thanks everyone
Sold pending payment 
PM replied 
I have a Fiio e10k for sale. I am currently just looking to upgrade, and need the extra cash.    This unit is in like new condition. Free shipping in the USA, PayPal only     Thanks for looking
Would like to trade a Fiio E10k for a desktop amp. I am looking for something like a Schiit Magni or 02, although i'm open to a lot of different options. Naturally there will be some cash included with the trade if the value of the amp exceeds the value of the Fiio. If you have somthing that you think might fit the bill let me know.     Free shipping.     Thanks for looking.
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