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Never heard the LCD headphones before but the Sennheiser HD800 obliterates Hifi speakers costing 10k+ in every category.So in my opinion, high end headphones are worth it. But I have no problem listening to music on even Apple Earbuds to be honest, despite being not as good.
I switch a lot too, but this time I am going to stick with the white and just accept the colored mids. With original blue filter the mids sound more neutral according to my ears, but then it will sound too dark with the iPhone 5S. The blue filter on the Chord Hugo has got great clarity though unlike the iPhone.
Does the white filter sound different than without a filter? The white filter I have has no cloth in it. So it let's all the sound threw.
How would a speaker amp work with the HD800 considering it should have plenty of power to drive the HD800 similar to what people do with the Hifiman HE-6?
Next year JH audio will release a new flagship and you'll upgrade again.
This was to be expected since these are 3000 dollar headphone. There is too much risk involved sending these kind of products without any deposit to strangers across the world.
With high quality mastering equalizers, there are hardly issues. 
The people who got selected are now working for Hifiman for free to improve the product and they have to cough up money. I think Hifiman should be grateful that people are willing to do this.  But I can understand Hifiman doing this. I wouldn't send $3000 headphone to people over the internet.
I think the HD800 excels with hollywood movies which is guaranteed to have excellent production quality. With music it's basically a hit or miss regardless of genre. There are even metal songs which sounds excellent with the HD800 so I don't think the HD800 is genre specific, as long as the production quality is very good.   But I listen to anything on the HD800 whether the audio quality is good or not since I'm not really bothered by it, as long as the music is good.
I'm interested. I'll test the HE-1000 on the Chord Hugo and test it against the Sennheiser HD 800.
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