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I'm curious what the distribution looks like regarding the filters being used with the Shure SE846, hence this poll. Multiple answers can be selected if you tend to swap periodically between filters.
 That is easily achieved with an EQ like I said earlier since it doesn't lack any bass as it has great bass extension.  Any neutral headphone with great extensions (treble and bass) should be quite easy to alter the signature to your liking. 
Maybe a silly question since Dave is a Dac, but can the Dave drive headphones as good like the Taurus MK II or GS-X?  I was thinking of adding a dedicated amplifier for my Chord Hugo since some people on this forum say you need a dedicated amplifier for the HD800. If Dave does the trick, maybe I'll just get Dave. 
I read somewhere that the Chord Hugo does 5v RMS?
The HD800 has no problem becoming a bass heavy headphone since it doesn't lack bass unlike most dynamic headphones on the market (it extends very far down). It is actually the best I have heard yet on the headphone ( I have yet to try the HE-1000 and the SR-009 though).  If you mean if the HD800 can't reproduce a bloated, sloppy and unrefined bass like bass heavy headphones, then yes. Because the HD800 produces a very fast, detailed and clear bass. 
Use an EQ and dail in your "fun" sound.
Ok thanks. I was under the impression that the HE-1000 was much easier to drive and I could use my Hugo for it. Perhaps it's best to buy a dedicated amplifier for the HD800 then in combination with the Chord Hugo (I already have a Sennheiser HD800 and a Chord Hugo).
What is lacking about the hugo + HE-1000? Woukd the HD800 work better with the Hugo?
@x RELIC x I did say in some posts "If it's good enough for you, then that's what matters"   I looked at the measurements and even a cheap $300 Sennheiser HD600 had better treble extension than $1000 balanced armature IEM's (I haven't seen measurement of the JH Layla or Angie, so they might be different beasts).    So upgrading an IEM to an other IEM for more treble extension to me, is like upgrading a laptop to run better games (it's limited by heat so the...
 Yes, there are certain things that I think can be improved which we'll hopefully see in the next flagship model. We'll see if I'll buy it if they fixed everything I suggested. But I'm ok with the Shure SE846 for now, else I would upgraded to the JH Layla already.
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