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How does the Focal Elear compare to the Hifiman Edition X since both are headphones that can replace the HD 650? (I"m certain the HEX can replace the HD 650 since I heard it a few times with my own ears). 
I believe one of the mods is removing the foams in front of the driver. My ears are too big for the mod to work so I never tried it (my ears are touching the foam of the HD 650). 
Not according to my ears. The HD 800 S > HD 650 pretty much any day of the week. It's not really a contest. The HD 650 is more like a side grade from my Shure SRH 1840 (the Shure SRH 1840 wins in soundstage, imaging, speed and details. But it has more grain in the treble. However the HD 650 also has grain in the treble, but less than the Shure SRH 1840. The HD 650 also has better bass than the Shure SRH 1840.). 
Best is to wait what these new Focal headphons are all about. I haven't heard them yet so I can't comment on them.
HD 800 S + HEX (Hifiman Edition-X) covers everything according my ears. Don't need anything else.
Imagine if computers and so on followed the same price strategy as in the audio world. Computers would cost more than a house by now. (A 2016 Macbook Pro isn't sold at 2 times the cost of a 2015 Macbook Pro eventhough it's a better laptop with new technologies in it. It's sold at the exact same price as the 2015 Macbook Pro). I'm also on the side of these prices are getting a bit out of control, especially since headphones are now entering very good reference speaker prices.
Not yet. But I'm looking for something that has the soundstage of the HD 800. I'm not sure if the Noble K10 will deliver that.
  The Mojo also has a lower noise floor than the Hugo, but I still hear background hiss with the Shure SE846 (without charging).  I tested also multiple units and the result was the same. Maybe my ears are very good since many reviews claim there is no hiss on the Mojo and Hugo while I clearly hear it. (You're definitely not the only one who hears no hiss).
Haha, nothing official. Just my speculation that Chord will release a Chord Hugo TT 2 someday in the future. I hope it won't be in 5+ years. Then I'll simply buy the Chord Dave if it will take so long.
 I'm personally not a fan of Chords their amplifiers since they got a high noise floor. My Shure SE846 picks up hiss from the Chord Mojo and Hugo but the hiss is gone if the Chord Hugo is used with an external amplifier like the Taurus MKII.  I think I'll wait for the Chord Hugo TT 2 probably since it will be a new DAC. If the Hugo TT 2 won't come, then I'll have to spend $10.000 on the Chord Dave unfortunately.
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