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The HD 800 S has replaced both the HD 650 and HD 800 for me. On my setup, the bass of the HD 800 S even hits deeper than the HD 650 (the HD 650 has limited sub bass??).   On very old recording, the HD 650 still works better however. But I don't listen to very old recordings.   But if you like the HD 650 very much and you are still in your return period for the HD 800 S, try out the Hifiman Edition-X. Personally I'd say the Hifiman Edition-X is a more direct upgrade...
If you are looking for clarity, test out BA IEM's like the Shure SE846 and Shure SE535.    There are also full sized headphones that have got great clarity but those are expensive (the HD 800 S for example). 
I'm not hearing what the HD 800 does better than the HD 800 S on classical music? Violins sound better on the HD 800 S for example according to my ears. 
Can't you just connect your headphones to an amp with many outputs?
I'm sticking with SS because it even works excellent with my IEM's.
Extend the headphone all the way down and then regularly bend the metal. That will make the HD 650 more loose. 
I don't think there should be a difference also. But I never tested this.
The Chord Hugo doesn't even get the best out of the HD 650. The soundstage and dynamics are better even when it's used single ended. Considering that the HD 800 S goes into a higher gear when it's used balanced, the same would probably true for the HD 650 also ( I don't have a balanced cable for the HD 650). 
I use the RCA output (line out) and not the headphone output. 
Really? If Person A has a problem with a headphone and person B (which is me in this case) recommends an other headphone which doesn't have this issue, he's a troll according to you?    Someone here is disrupting a helpful suggestion to someone else his problem and it isn't me. 
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