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I rather use a professional mod from Sennheiser. If you sell the balanced cable of the HD 800 S, it's even cheaper than the HD 800. I personally keep my HD 800 stock since the treble tilt can give some recording a more exciting presentation that would otherwise sound boring on the HD 650 and HD 800 S.
Does the iFi iUSB3.0 work well with Chord Hugo and does the sound quality improve alot?
Are there comparisons against the SR-009 and Orpheus 2 since this headphone tries to sound like electrostatic headphones?    Also how much worse is the closed headphone against the open version. I'm more interested in the closed version so I can use it in the office all day rather than only for home use (assuming the closed version has got excellent isolation)
Looking at the measurements, would it be fair to say that the Utopia and Elear are more similar to LCD headphones? They don't look as neutral like Sennheiser headphones.    I suppose Tyll doesn't like the Focal Listen since he hasn't mentioned anything about them.
Duet is the same as the Apogee One except that it has more channels and lacks the microphone which supposed to be quite good on the Apogee One?
If you like a mellow smooth sounding headphone, try the HE-1000 imo.It's way too mellow according to my ears but maybe you will like it.
 Based on my experience, boost the low end and that will take care of the top end as well since the headphone becomes more darker sounding.  The best way to do that is threw subtractive EQ. So basically pull all the frequencies down from the mid bass to the treble. T
So how does the Katana compare to the Shure SE846, Shure KSE 1500, JH Layla and K10?
If you look at the graphs, the Elear drops -20 db after the 10khz peak which is a bigger treble roll off than the HD 650 has? The HD 650 is more linear in that region. I'm going to listen to it next month once they become available. I'm going to be very surprised if what you say is true :) 
That's quite interesting. The Focal Elear has even a greater treble roll off than the HD 650 according to the measurements, yet it is very similar to the HD 800 S?  I suspect the HD 800 S sounds bass light due the recessed mids and treble of the Elear (so the bass has more freedom in the overall sound). That's how the Shure SE846 works too (the filters basically remove the mids and treble which brings out the bass more)
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