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I don't think the Mojo was intended as a home DAC but for on the go. Can't really blame Chord for overheating if you keep charging while using it and also inside a case. 
Funny, the Pioneer XDP-100r lost against the Chord Mojo in reviews. 
I doubt the Mojo has power problem with most headphone since it is as powerful as the Chord Hugo and the Chord Hugo TT.
Buy the Chord Dave
I only buy expensive things from physical stores
I was on the edge of my seat yes The funny thing is, my dealer has no clue when it will arrive now when he talked to Focal last time. So it can be even another 1 or 2 months.
xDSomehow this hotter newer wife doesn't seem to show up at my place. She was supposed to be here in August and it's almost October now
But how is this after EQ since the frequency response was Tyll his main complained in comparison to the Utopia headphone. "The Sennheiser HD 800 S is being removed for lack of bass extension and response. I think Sennheiser did a good job updating this headphone, but its somewhat thin and analytical nature significantly detracts from its otherwise exemplary characteristics such as its deep, wide imaging or superb transient response." I'm also curious how the Elear sounds...
 Yeah, I agree with that. I have heard some "money no object" solid state setups (you can buy a house with that kind of budget) and no tube based system has come anywhere close to it.
 I think the higher mountain is not the IEM but what it is connected to. The Shure SE846 scales alot and not even a Chord Mojo shows what the Shure SE846 is capable of. 
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