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Interesting. I suppose the P9 might not be for me then. I'll grab the change to hear the P9 if I see them somewhere but now I'm not in a hurry to get them :P
So should I stick with my Shure SE846?
But recordings are also very poorly engineered with adding alot of brightness and compression / limiting. My Access Virus TI synthesizer doesn't sound anywhere as bright for example when I hear it in a final mix of a recording usually.
Congratulations. I think you guys did a homerun when you guys decided to enter the portable audio market with the Chord Hugo and the Chord Mojo. Also the Chord Dave is quite impressive for the price as it performs above it's price.
Ofcourse. If you listen to a Chord Dave for example against the Chord Hugo or Mojo, there is a big difference in soundstage.
The mid bass is part of the Sennheiser house sound. If a headphone is totally flat it will sound sterile and analytical. .
Perhaps the P9 sounds good on something like a Chord Mojo? Or do people have problem with the bass on every device?
Ok, good to hear. When the battery starts to fail I'll bring it in for battery replacement.
Because some people add a Chord Mojo / Hugo to their iPhone :P
How are these as headphones for in the office? They don't fit in my briefcase I think so I suppose I should wear them while going to work. But if the sound quality is that much better than comparable headphones (such as the B&W P9), then it's not a big issue I think.   Also these headphones sound much better than the Shure SE846?
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