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I guess I should buy the Chord Hugo then. It's hard to find a dealer who sells it though.
I never said trance was aweful, I was strictly referring to the audio quality. I actually listen to EDM sometimes.
 I'm not familiar to what constitute as trolling, but this is just my opinion. Let's just agree that we disagree and keep it at that. 
 I disagree. It sounds lifeless, over compressed, bad dynamics, unnatural and so on .... I don't think modern pop music is produced good also if that is your reference.  I have to agree with the V shape. I personally don't like it either with EDM.
I would just buy a cheap IEM for trance. Trance is horribly mastered and mixed and high-end IEM's will expose their bad quality. Something like a Shure SE215 would do fine.    But if you want to spend big money, the Shure SE846 is very good for trance. (however I don't think trance music is high quality music that deserves high quality IEM's)
Westone startips. Sounds better and fits more comfortable too in my opinion. 
If you think the tips are hard to come off with the Shure SE846, you're lucky you didn't bought the Shure SE535. My tips came off very easy the first time. 
The Shure SRH 1840 has got great comfort. It has also probably the best build quality I have seen on a headphone since it's all metal.   I can't comment on the AKG K712 in terms of build quality and comfort since I don't own these. 
Since you're going to be doing recording, I think the Shure SRH 1840 are hard to beat since it's probably one of the flattest headphones around ( no mid-bass boost, no ressed mids or treble spikes).  However for dance music, sub-bass might be important so the AKG K712 could be interesting despite being less neutral (the AKG K712 has a mid bass boost and a treble spike).    So if you got other headphones / earphones that do sub-bass well, get the Shure SRH 1840. Else the...
It only means that an impedance miss match won't affect the sound signature. 
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