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 I have been saying that since X-mas last year that the HD 800 S has more bass than the HD 800 (I was one of the very first people who had the HD 800 S). But maybe my ears are better than average if some people can't hear it  I was quite suprised to find out that it was caused by 2nd harmonic distortion when the measurements were made available.
Is the difference between Elear + Utopia pads not signficant in comparison to the Utopia?
Try out the Focal Elear first. They are the new thing now.I haven't heard them myself so I can't comment on these headphones yet, but it can't hurt to listen to them before considering the HD 650 or the HD 800.
 At $4000 I expect a whole lot better to be honest. Cheaper speakers like the Genelec 8250A is running circles around every single headphone (including the Utopia) in terms of neutrality, it's flat as a board up to 20khz even ( + / - 1 db from 38hz to 20khz). So why can't $4000 headphones achieve something similar as cheaper speakers / monitors I might wonder? Headphones are reaching price points where speakers are engineered better.  But we'll see. I'm going to listen to...
How come the SR-009 is still on the wall of fame by the way? The HD 800 won the big sound last time even winning over the SR-009. 
A home made in the back of your garage mod won't be as good as the anti resonance that Sennheiser engineered.
Now the question becomes, does an EQ'ed HD 800 and HD 800 S with more bass added beat the Utopia (more bass means thicker sound) for Tyll his prefered sound signature.
  I'm kinda suprised by this too. What reviews are saying is that the Utopia has only a slightly bigger soundstage than the HD 650. So we are talking about the soundstage of IEM's here. For me that is a huge flaw. (That is what I like about open headphones against IEM, huge soundstage). Frequency response is subjective and be adjusted with an EQ, so I'm also a bit on the fence about how much weight that should have on the final score. But dynamics is something you probably...
What Tyll fails to mention is that when you first listen to dark headphones and then go to a more neutral headphone, the neutral headphone will sound thin. If I listen to my Shure SE846 for 15 minutes, then even my HD 650 will sound thin.  The Utopia and Elear are more rolled off than the HD 800 S according to the measurements, so those headphones will probably be darker sounding.  I believe our ears (atleast my ears) always tries to compensate for the frequency response...
edir: sorry, wrong thread. I misclicked the tab on the iPad Air and now I was posting in the wrong thread.
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