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​That means he broke it or it's a fake unit if it has no feet. The Taurus MKII has feets so it can be used horizontal.
 It has quite an addictive sound you know.
 But I don't change anything when this happens. I suppose stuff is still written to memory and the screen will go blank?
The screen of the Chord Dave sometimes goes off and on quickly. Is there something wrong with my unit?
The issue happened before November so why worry about it when they removed the bad units already?If Focal somehow forgot to recall defective headphones from your dealer, you still got warranty.
There is no difference between a $2000 or a $5000 headphone because if you value price / performance, you buy the $200 HD 6XX and not a $1000 or $2000 headphone. I'm pretty sure the $200 HD6XX is currently the best headphone in the world in terms what you get for the money spend.
Well, my Chord Dave is less than 1 year old and I have other way more expensive hobbies. So a DAC upgrade is not high on my list currently
I don't care if the Hugo 2 and Hugo TT 2 sound as good as the Chord Dave. I did my listening tests and the Chord Dave was the right buy for me at time with the options in the high-end segment available. I am not going to upgrade my DAC for a very very long time. Even if the Dave + Blu MKII sounds 5 times better. The only upgrade I might do is if the Mojo 2 has much better battery life because I always have problems with the battery on the current Mojo.
 Ofcourse. It misses the luxury. But in terms of performance it is able to compete with the best of the best at a fraction of the price even beating $450.000 Porsche Carrera GT's on a race track.
 The Nissan GTR eats both cars for breakfast. On a track it's able to go as fast as the Koenigsegg One which starts at around $3 million. So price isn't everything.
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