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I'll be there around 3:30. Bringing everything in my previous post. Do we need anything else?
That would be great! I have a 6SN7 adapter for my Project Ember. It would be fun to tube roll.
That would be amazing!  There's nothing like hearing gear first hand to help the wallet get lighter.
Anyone have a Yggy?  One can hope!  
I'm in the same mindset as you.  I have a Pioneer Spec 2 which I have used the HE-6 directly off speaker taps.  This is with a resister network.  However, I usually use my Project Ember w Supercharger and an ECC88 w 0.1 output impedance.  Tonal balance is great for extended listening.  It kicks pretty hard too.  I can't wait to hear how the Carbon sounds with the HE-6.   If I get a chance to hear a yggy and rag and am blown away I might swing for those down the road. 
Just for giggles I took the Tidal high fidelity test and got 5 out of 5 correct.  I haven't really used it that much but the artists that I looked up weren't there.  I'll have to try again.
I'm in as well.  I'll bring modded HE-6, Alpha Dogs, Project Ember, JK Ciunas Dac.  I'll need to hook up to someone's computer as the Ciunas is USB only.  Is there Wifi available?  I usually use Spotify as it's a great way for people to hear songs that they know (the quality is not that bad for the type of music I listen to).
I too would LOVE to hear these! I'll bring my modded HE-6 to see how they fair. Scottsdale also works well for me. Keep us posted please and let me know if I can help in any way.
I think the biggest difference is that the NFB-1AMP is pure class A at least for the first watts.  That should be enough power to stay in class A for pretty much all headphones at normal to high listening levels.  The other benefit is that the power supply is just for the amp and not shared between amp/dac like the NFB-28.  
I'm curious what the pure class A output is for the NFB-1AMP?
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