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The real question is why would you EVER want to listen to the internal speakers?  
I couldn't have said it better. Innerfidelity measurements sometimes hid peaks and dips in the treble. My measurements are almost exactly the same as yours with my stock DT880. I added an additional black earside foam piece which squished the frequency response slightly making it more linear and smoothing out some of the peaks.
I find head shape, hair cut and positioning can all have a big impact on seal for the ESP 950.  I wore mine higher than I would other headphones to make sure they don't go below my jaw line to keep a better seal.  
I had slight roll of on my measurements but the bass was pretty linear down to about 50Hz, then a gentle roll off.  
The OP asked for the best studio headphones.  This means a headphone with no excessive dips or peaks in the frequency response.  I spent over a week with the PM3 and they're kind of like the Elear in that they have a lower treble suckout which is in the critical 4kHz range.  This is a critical area for vocals, stringed instruments and percussion.  Basically every real instrument needs this area to be represented appropriately.  I'm not knocking them, cause they sounded...
Awesome post!  I'm not thrilled with stock tubes or Tung Sols and like the Sylvania tubes in other amps.  I'll have to check those out.  Are you quad matched or just rolling pairs?
No, it's from the original creator of the device, Marv who has done a lot of measurements and impressions of headphones for the community.  
@MrTie84 advice is spot on.  Thad design is also what I based mine on.  I used an amazon box with some internal bracing but everything else is more or less the same.  I actually think flat plate couplers offer a unique and sometimes superior way of measuring headphones.  With my setup, no compensation is required except the mic calibration file.  
So long story short, I am no longer getting the ESP 950.    I had returned my first pair bought for $649 when the price decreased to $549.  In my eagerness to secure a pair, I didn't double check that the seller was Amazon.  Instead it was a third party seller, which shouldn't be an issue but I always make a point of buying direct from Amazon.  When I received them the box had wear and some of the corners were bent or misshaped.  I open it up and everything was like the...
It seems like they did what they could given the circumstances.  This product had way more demand than they anticipated.  Plus, variances in climate/humidity affecting the wood differently then where it was assembled.  I think they will get it right, it was just a couple problems that hurt the headphones reputation a little.     However, going by mine, you would think they hit it out of the park.  Zero issues.  Pad change and paper towel mod and I'm rocking a killer...
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