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I  was just about to ask you Clem how the Ciunas paired with the Rag or Master 9.  I'm currently looking at both and will pick one up by the end of the year.  I'm not opposed to selling the Ciunas if there is something that can better it at a similar price.  
I have the discontinued 10ES2.  I can't compare the amp with other dacs besides the built in sabre dac because there are no line inputs.  However, I feel that the balanced section has more pronounced slam and control to the sound compared to the single sided input.  It might seem a little bit brighter or more lively to some. There is good extension in both ends of the frequency spectrum.  It has no trouble driving HE-500 or any other planars including the HE-6(obviously...
I saw this and was like !!!!!!  I might pick this up.  FYI Audio-GD's promo prices are usually pretty good so if anyone is thinking about getting one, now's the time.
The Asgard 2 is a Class A amp.  That means it will run hot. (Schiit FAQ page says about 40-45°C or ~113°F)  What headphones are you using it with?
So I just got the Vegan pads "delivered".  lol  Not sure where they are but USPS says delivered.  Checked mail and front door... no dice.  They're probably sitting in a neighbors mail box that gets checked once a week FML.
Is there any difference between the black and brown Leather Free "Vegan" pads?
Yep.  Those will be ordered tomorrow.  ​
Wow, your a life saver!  When pulled the spare velour pads out one was squished pretty bad.  I guess it never made a good enough seal.  Thanks.
So I finished the fuzzor mod and am pleased with the sound.  The treble grain seems to be gone.  I do have one issue still and it is a big one to me.  There is a channel imbalance about 5-10% to the right.  I'm not sure if I should get a replacement or not.  I have some time to decide.  It's just unfortunate that quality control issues exist at this price point.
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