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Yeah...that's not a good idea.  Unnecessary strain on the drivers.
Ah...thanks!  I forgot that Asius Technologies was doing the ADEL products.  
I don't see anything on 64audio's webstore.  Link?
Hope the new Schiit is announced tomorrow.  They're running out of time as it's the last day of the work week( I doubt they'll announce anything on the weekend but who knows?).
I might wait to see what Schiit has planned in the near future.  One new product is being revealed next week, and supposedly others later this year.  I know they talked about 2 channel stereo stuff before.  I know I'm waiting but if the Rag is still the best I'm in the same boat as you.
I'll second this.  I used a razer blade and that helped get both paper sides off.  You don't HAVE to cut the ring either.  Mine has been on and off more times than I can count and there isn't any dust or lint, etc. on the part that sticks out.  I would rather have a little wiggle room when reattaching them.  
I'll definitely be there.  I'll bring the ol measurement rig too in case anyone wants their headphones measured.  
There is no measurable difference between hair screen on or off.  Also, back to rocking stock velour pads. #teamvelour  
It was more or less the same except there was a pretty large peak around 5kHz.  Like this:  IMO, not worth pursuing with the Free-Air method.  Still need to work on the pads but those are on the backburner.  
The ADEL technology is designed to reduce PNEUMATIC pressure which is greatest in low frequencies.  Most people who have tried the ADEL A series and U series have said that there is great soundstaging and 3D imaging.  Whether that's due to ADEL or just the way they are designed it doesn't matter.  The manufacture can twist whatever words they want for marketing but if the end users are reporting those things then it's harder to refute.  All IMO.
New Posts  All Forums: