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That's not quite true.  Many people prefer the HD650 over the HD800 for example.  Technically speaky, the ToTL cans are still better in technicalities, just not for everyone's sonic preferences.  
1. Price it at some sane amount 2. Sell 5x as much 3. ??? 4. Still profit. Seriously, be reasonable with pricing and don't try and recoup costs right away. If these are priced below current market trends, and are solid performers, you will walk away with HUGE sales.
Alright, sorry it took so long to post here.  I had a great time at the meet.  Everyone was so awesome and I really enjoyed a couple Head-Fiers who where fascinated with the measurements.  Unfortunately, half way through, I moved my setup and didn't save all when I closed out of REQ Wizard.  Sucks, but happens.  I'll have to do individual saves for each headphone next time so there is no data lost.  Anyways,  I was able to snag a few measurements after the move.  You can...
Not from personal experience but I've read that Jodie is more versatile, especially if you want to you sensitive IEMs.  Also, it offers balanced inputs and preouts which is a nice plus.  Specs show improvements across the board too.  You might miss tubez goodness though?
If you're looking for an amp that can work with a large variety of headphones and even very sensitive IEMs, then Jodie is probably the better option.  You don't say if you have a DAC so the Jodie with a DAC module will be better than on board sound.  Or, alternatively, Get just the amp and start saving for one of the multibit DACs.  Jodie gives you the greatest flexibility by offering balanced and single ended inputs/outputs and headphone outs.  
This is what I wanted to hear.  I have a Jodie coming in and use 64 Audio U8 and have been using the UE line buffer as every amp I've tried ( Carbon, 10ES2, Ember) all give varying degrees of amp noise.  
For that kind of money IMO, no.  For example you could get a better USB source such as http://ppaproduct.blogspot.tw/2013/07/audio-grade-usb-30-pcie-card.html for $130 dollars and probably get much better results.  
Yes, but remember the gain switch and volume affect headphone out as well as pre outs.  Also, plugging in headphones does not mute pres so you will have to turn off your monitors when you want to listen to headphones.  
I prefer HE-6 with Audeze Pads and some back damping although not the stock fiber.  I use a mix of porous foam, microfiber cloth and felt.
This works with Wyrd to Gumby.  WIndows 10 Pro 64 bit preview build 14915.  Good job Microsoft, only took you FOREVER.
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