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I've been considering a Chromebook for my Bedside listening rig but am unsure how it will play with USB Dacs.  I would either be pairing it with a Modi Multibit or Ciunas Dac.     If that doesn't work, does anyone have a cheapish solution for a source that has external power, can stream music, and USB audio out?
I'm curious as well.  I've been very careful with mine, not hooking them up to poweramps etc. and wouldn't mind a backup pair just cause.  I feel like these will be highly sought after when they are truly gone.
I've been in this hobby long enough and have realized that, while it's a great journey moving up the audio chain buying better and better gear, if you have the funds to get what you really want, go for it. I look back at my previous purchases and I don't regret any of them, I think to myself, why didn't I just go for the high end and be done, instead of spending a little here and there.My one caveat to all of this is to try and audition what you want to purchase to make...
IMO, that's the easiest decision ever. I'm using Gungnir Multibit with Jotunheim and balanced HD650 and it's a truly amazing, some might say endgame, pairing. Modi Multibit is supposed to keep most of the magic of the bigger DACs for a fraction of the cost. This is a no brainer decision.
It depends on what your plans are and whether YOU think it's worth it.  IMO, I use a Gumby with my Jodie and love the pairing.  Is it the best ever? No Does it drive my HE-6 to it's full potential?  No, but it only costs $400 and is a useful tool as a balanced preamp and is silent for even the most sensitive IEMs.  It also will let your gear shine through, which showcases the Multibit technology very well.  I would say it's worth it.
I'm not sure if the DAC 19 acts like my NFB10-ES2 but I can adjust the pre out to either High or Low gain.  If you can do that, it might give you the volume play you desire.
That's not quite true.  Many people prefer the HD650 over the HD800 for example.  Technically speaky, the ToTL cans are still better in technicalities, just not for everyone's sonic preferences.  
1. Price it at some sane amount 2. Sell 5x as much 3. ??? 4. Still profit. Seriously, be reasonable with pricing and don't try and recoup costs right away. If these are priced below current market trends, and are solid performers, you will walk away with HUGE sales.
Alright, sorry it took so long to post here.  I had a great time at the meet.  Everyone was so awesome and I really enjoyed a couple Head-Fiers who where fascinated with the measurements.  Unfortunately, half way through, I moved my setup and didn't save all when I closed out of REQ Wizard.  Sucks, but happens.  I'll have to do individual saves for each headphone next time so there is no data lost.  Anyways,  I was able to snag a few measurements after the move.  You can...
Not from personal experience but I've read that Jodie is more versatile, especially if you want to you sensitive IEMs.  Also, it offers balanced inputs and preouts which is a nice plus.  Specs show improvements across the board too.  You might miss tubez goodness though?
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