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I'll definitely be there.  I'll bring the ol measurement rig too in case anyone wants their headphones measured.  
There is no measurable difference between hair screen on or off.  Also, back to rocking stock velour pads. #teamvelour  
It was more or less the same except there was a pretty large peak around 5kHz.  Like this:  IMO, not worth pursuing with the Free-Air method.  Still need to work on the pads but those are on the backburner.  
The ADEL technology is designed to reduce PNEUMATIC pressure which is greatest in low frequencies.  Most people who have tried the ADEL A series and U series have said that there is great soundstaging and 3D imaging.  Whether that's due to ADEL or just the way they are designed it doesn't matter.  The manufacture can twist whatever words they want for marketing but if the end users are reporting those things then it's harder to refute.  All IMO.
Beginning expletives where in amazement.  It really does sound good!  This is under ideal circumstances with the driver almost touching your ear but still in free air.  IMO, ideally for my measurement rig, the frequency response should follow the B&K House Curve:   A gentle slope downward of ~6dB from 200Hz to 20kHz.     Most headphones are wildly different and have dips and treble spikes at different locations.  The HE-500 with Jerg Pads is actually a very good...
Well damn!  Tested with HE-500 but results will be relative with HE-6.  Initial impressions are very clear and fast sounding!  Bass does go deep.  Measurements show an increase in bass distortion which is to be expected.  I'm going to mess with some mounting system and see if I can make a consistent and mountable "Free Air" solution.     HE-500 Jerg Pads plus rubber ring inside   HE-500 "Free Air" floating as close to mic as possible but still an air gap.  So,...
K1000 lite...lol not bad! I might trysomething like this for ****s and giggles. And no, I'm not knocking it, however, there is no way a non sealed design like this will deliver good sub bass.
Received from Massdrop NuForce Blue Box drop.  Selling because I don't just don't need them.  They sound great!  Used for 1 hour but came to my senses and realized I don't use my other IEMs that much and these wouldn't be any different.  Quick impressions are that these have a definite warm tilt but still extend fairly well in both directions.  Vocals truly shine on these!  Best genres would be Rock, Country, some Pop and Rap/EDM.     I found the medium silicon tips to...
I completely forgot to post these!  Measurements from the meet!  Let's do a summer one.   https://flic.kr/s/aHskyWoqBL
400i have a U-shaped sound compared to the HD650 but also have a slight treble peak at 9lHz.  Not sure if you're treble sensitive but it's something to keep in mind.   Here are measurements I took of each:   HD650     HE-400i     Don't compare my measurements to others.  These are just for comparison sake.  I would personally find a used HE-500.  I might actually be willing to sell mine with Jerg Pads(these improve the midrange dip of the stock...
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