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The T1-E has better magnets and supposed biocell drivers. They have better extension on both the lows and highs as well as more bass impact. They are also more resolving and are said to have better details. The T1 are more balanced/neutral, but they are less refined and techincal. This all from descriptions about the product, and bhazards impressions, mochill's comments, and my knowledge base.
Yeah man, no worries; just always gotta check To each his own. The B3 are really uncomfortable for me, but I still like them for their sound.
I don't think the bezels are that big with the new Z3. I mean come on sf, 2mm on the side is next ta nothing The top and bottom could maybe be decreased some, though there is the notifications light(possibly), sensors, front facing camera, and overall battery length to think about while maximizing screen real estate. I like the whole design though; it's aesthetically pleasing imho. I also like on screen buttons, to each his own man. I have heard their screens are somewhat...
That's where I got mine from. Shouldn't be distortion though they do need at least 12-15 hrs of burn-in from the get go. Sounds like a bad pair. Hope the exchange is swift!Cheers
Yep, like this. Havi is cable-up fitment just fyi, and this setup(with NX1) is great! Actually Very VERY good for the price with what you're looking for. Around $100 for Havi, Topping NX1, and some ear guides.You'd plug this cable into your phone, and velcro or rubber band both the amp & source/DAP/phone together keeping them in your pocket for on the go at school. You also might want to buy some cheap ear guides too if you'll be on the move since these fit over the ear or...
Gotcha. Thanks for the info. My dad and I are still rocking unlimited data on Verizon while the rest of our family has upgraded and is on 2GB. I wanna keep my unlimited, and I am just part of my dad's plan. So I'll stick with other phones available here I guess if I can buy a Motorola or Sony unlocked from them.
Though these aren't basshead iems and they have great mids, if you like balance and lots of clarity the Havi B3 Pro 1 are truly better in this regard. The T1-E are only somewhat balanced in that they don't have recessed mids compared to the rest of the FR. They are mainly L-shaped with a little bump in the upper mids I think personally. While the Havi are more balanced overall, but they need an amp to sound their the best. The Topping NX1 for $30 or $40 is a great option...
^ Yes, this. M8 should be a good enough source. And NX1 will improve the quality of your B3 Pro 1, not just volume levels @benandfaith.
What carrier do you have with your OnePlus One bhazard? I have Verizon LTE...I might end up getting a Sony or Motorola, but I know the 1+1 is good too.
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