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My favorite audio-related purchase for 2015 probably was... well, I have two. I have really enjoyed the CKR9LTDs I got(which replaced my Duoza I also got this year; previous favorite), and I also got a TDK Trek Max A34 Bluetooth Speaker(another favorite Mpow Streambot Y Bluetooth FM Transmitter; which allowed me to finally play my music in my car instead of just using CDs!). The Bluetooth speaker has been really great to use at the rock wall during work shifts while...
EDM-loving labsters... Enjoy!     I especially like the female vocals on the second one. Let me know if you liked any of em'.      
New Major Lazer? I'm down if so
@RedJohn456   Tamal, try this with your MA900. Let me know what you think!     PS: You're welcome...
Oh, I mean both Vinces then Twister & I are both named Alex so I understand!Haha!
I'm excited that you & Vince endorse them so. I hope they are my cup of tea... They should be arriving from Amazon anyday now... (in the next couple weeks or less hopefully); ordered them quite a while ago. Ordered a green & blue pair for about $15 I think; sounds like a steal!
I really really like my ALI-CK9LTDs I have. More so than my Duoza. Like they almost fit my preferences to a tee.I'm really looking forward to your detailed A2, Duoza, EBay CKR9LTD comparison in your review!! It will probably be a deciding factor if I try the A2 or not. Cause I thoroughly enjoy the CKR9LTD I have as well as my Duoza for backup. I honestly don't put much in/on my ears besides the CKR9LTD & MA900 anymore. Not even my Duoza as much...I have no doubt the A2 is...
Hey Vince, if you get a chance could you do a little comparison of the LZ A2 to the ZA Duoza or CKR9-LTD? Or do it in your review maybe, if need be... Hope you keep enjoying them though, man! All this hype is intriguing me and my interest. Cheers!
I'm 22, and I feel somewhat old... Sorry guys! Had to  But yes, TBG beats us all as Alex said! I guess he is the baby of the lab Tamal, not you or I!
Hmm, I find them big, but pretty light. The weight actually surprised me in that regard; I thought they'd be heavier. Now something like the KZ ED9 is heavy imo. I think the ZA Duoza even weighs a little bit more from memory. I've heard the Macaws are also heavy too...
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