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This page is great, lol!! 2015 FTW!
Bahaha, best interface ever! Lol, so wrong it hurts...
Did you swap the channels when you wore the T1-E cable up I hope? But in a band setting that might not be ideal...I would stay away from the former 3 for your usage. The latter 3 in your list would be better choices I think. You could even try the KZ ATE; it's not terribly dissimilar to the TTPOD in sound.
It looks like bad, deceiving Chinese translation to Amazon to me, Dweaver.The KZ ATE is a single dynamic. However, for the $13 I got mine for I think it is a fantastic iem. It makes for a great gym iem or beater pair.
I have not heard the IM70, but I would say yes for your reqs. The EPH-100 are anything but neutral... Pretty good soundstage especially in depth & great 3D imaging(its strengths to me) but too bassy imo. So the IM70 have gotta be more neutral, but can't say for sure lol. The Duoza, which I love, are even more balanced & neutral than the EPH-100. I personally don't think the Yammys are what you are looking for.I have the KZ ATE which resemble the IM-50 in sound...
Hey guys, pop in your favorite iems(particularly tonality&sig from the Mids) and give this song a listen. OVERWERK has done it again! Personally, this song gave me goosebumps… A very different song; it's kind of like chill Electro. Hope you enjoy! https://m.soundcloud.com/overwerk/create
Hey @mikaveli06, I'm still rocking your Duoza. It has been my favorite iem to date. I use it and the KZ ATE(for my beater) the most right now; Tenore is back-up. Then I enjoy my MA900 as my main headphone. Thanks once again man and happy listening to everyone!
+Can do! But what Eisen said is 'probably', from speculation, fairly accurate as well.A short Duoza, Tenore comparison might be helpful in this or to some, so...The Duoza has better imaging and separation than the Tenore imo. It also sounds more 3D too with a big coherent well-rounded soundstage to my ears, though I consider the Tenore a little above average as well.The Duoza has a bit more bass impact but not a lot more, as well as slightly more quality bass; it also has...
I haven't heard the ATE yet, but from impressions I think you might try and like the Duoza. They sound similar to descriptions of ATE with maybe slightly less balance(maybe less mids, slightly more bass and mid-upper treble?). Imo they are pretty balanced and very slightly v-shaped though more leaning towards warm and smooth. Spacious, non-fatiguing, great imaging and bass. Probably my favorite iem to date. I like the Tenore and 'liked' T1E before it broke as well. ED9 w/...
T.A.R.S is the Marine Corps robot with personality & humor from the movie Interstellar, that just so happens to look like that phone stand. Exhibit A:
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