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Any news on the winners?
Order of Preference: 1) Aurvana In-Ear3 Plus  2) Sound Blaster Roar 2 Portable Speaker 3) Sound Blaster E5 Portable Amp   Username: pformagg   Location: Perth, Western Australia   Owned:   IEM: Various Shure's ,Westone's, Various MEE Audios, Various Brainwavz, Various Heir Audios, and too many to list   Portables: UE MEGA BOOM, UE ROLL, Jambox, Dream...
I am in the process of reviewing the S1. Will post it up this week.
Are these the Gen -2 version?
I would be happy to review them too. Just reviewed the Heir Audio 2.Ai.
all in KGS
6.8 11.3 22.8
Sorry for the delay in reviews, have not been in front of a PC for ages, been climbing mountains and all. anyways I have added my review. These are quite nice for the price.
almost done with the review, just waiting on the distributor for more info on the design aspects between the two models. 
Have you tried any other Monster earphones?
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