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all in KGS
6.8 11.3 22.8
Sorry for the delay in reviews, have not been in front of a PC for ages, been climbing mountains and all. anyways I have added my review. These are quite nice for the price.
almost done with the review, just waiting on the distributor for more info on the design aspects between the two models. 
Have you tried any other Monster earphones?
Have you looked at the Audio Technica ATH-M50?
I just got a pair of Meelectronics A151p, their super comfy and light. I hear Westone UM1 are also great for comfort too. Both sound great as well.
its a tough one to answer, there are those sleep apps that have random sounds that can be played, don't think they would be high quality audiophile recordings. Maybe look at movie soundtracks?
bump, sub feed would be great, +1 for the head gear section.
  Paradise Valley is the latest studio album from John Mayer. Even though it has a funny name and even weirder cover art, musically, it is similar to his previous album, Born and Raised, which was released in 2012. However, this album features more musical breaks and instrumentals consisting of electric guitars rather than harmonica.
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