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Thanks for advice, dude. I will check out some of those headphones once I'll get to listen to them.
Hi  I have the B&W P5, but is no  fan of the sound. It's kinda too dark and I don't like the bass at all. I really can't enjoy songs like Smells Like Teen Spirit or Losing my Religion when I use them because of the dark "unpleasant" sound.  So my question is ... how does the P7 sound compared to them?  Is it a huge difference or is it just overpriced? 
Do anyone know?
Do anyone know of any audio store in Palm Beach county in Florida?
[What is the price?
This is from the website:Headphone impedance 8-600 ohm
The price of the DAC is about 200$ where I live (Norway, 1200 KR) and it's quite expensive. It might be cheaper in another place, the price of the amp is the same. but I want to improve my equipment so any advice would really help. Is there any particular brands (DAC and amps) that works well with my denon?
Hi I need some advice for my Denon AH D 2000 headphones. My current equipment is an Argon DAC and a Argon amp ha1. I want to upgrade my equipment and some advice would be nice. I look for something in the price range 400-600$
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