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 I primarily use my PS500e with a Sony F807 and with the clearbass set at +5 (out of 10) they positively rumble on my ears,i can feel them pushing air between the chamber and my ears and am always stunned just how far down they reach in the sub bass frequencies, hitting hard without any loss of detail or distortion (especially with genres like IDM,Hip Hop,Techno etc) the point being that now and then when i over drive them (usually with my portable amp set louder than it...
with your A15 turned on keep pressing the back button until you've navigated your way back to the home screen. once there go down on the menu to the center of the very bottom row which shows an icon for a microSD card,when you choose it the words 'SD card settings' will appear,click on that icon,this will take you to the SD card settings menu, once there choose 'storage for file transfer' and then 'location for USB transfer' now you will see the options 'system storage'...
La Düsseldorf 'Viva' 1978  Klaus Dinger's post Neu! trio with his brother Micheal Dinger and Hans Lampe   Harmonia Deluxe 1975 Harmonia were Micheal Rother (of Neu!) with Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Dieter Moebius (who passed away earlier this week) of Cluster (aka Kluster)
Echo & The Bunnymen Crocodiles 1980 / Heaven Up Here 1981 / Porcupine 1983 / Ocean Rain 1984 their first four classic studio albums which only get better with time.
T.S.O.L. Beneath The Shadows (1982) south cal punk goth pioneers do a complete 180° and adding a keyboardist try their hand at post psychedelic pop ala clockwork orange with great results.   Bad Religion Into The Unknown (1983) yet another pioneering punk rock band from southern california who decided to take an even more experimental route and create an album of songs based on kurt vonnegut jr inspired lyrics ditching their straight forward angry youth punk attitude...
@ ClieOS and Mmet - Thanks for the feedback and explanation (as well as the advice about down sampling). that makes perfect sense as (for example) an album of 24/192 files can be roughly 5 to 6 times as large as 16/44.1 which is a lot more information to process.i hadn't even considered that (still learning as i go when it comes to hi res) .but with or without EQ the A17 is a really impressive sounding especially considering how compact it is.
I wonder why Sony implemented the A17 so that the Clear Bass and EQ are rendered non functional while playing black High-Res files-Does anyone know? also are the the F880 series and ZX1 & 2 the same?
Marc Bolan/T.Rex 'The Perfumed Garden Of Gulliver Smith' from the album Love and Death 1966/1986 Cherry Red Records https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/You_Scare_Me_to_Death     Roger Joseph Manning Jr & Brian Reitzell 'Metropia' from the album Logans Sanctuary 2000 Emperor Norton Records http://www.discogs.com/Roger-Joseph-Manning-Jr--Brian-Reitzell-Logans-Sanctuary/master/348375
more of the undeniable pop genius of Roger Joseph Manning Jr (Jellyfish,Moog Cookbook,Imperial Drag,Malibu,TV Eyes etc)  
Jellyfish ¤ Bellybutton Jellyfish are the epitome of the band who never got their due. nearly 25 years on this album sounds as fresh and inspiring as the day it was released on August 7,1990. j
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