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I unabashedly love this album, despite the fact Mac referred to this incarnation of The Bunnymen as 'Echo and the Bogusmen' personally i like it better than anything The Bunnymen have done since Ian returned to the fold (Evergreen,Flowers,Siberia etc). and in some ways  find I even prefer it to the eponymous grey album.   for me nothing in their catalogue tops the first four Bunnymen albums (Crocodiles,Heaven Up Here,Porcupine & Ocean Rain) and i feel Noel Burke did...
The Roland Jupiter 8 and Yamaha CS80 used to be my dream synths Used to be.... jaw dropping sounds in 3-2-1  
The Asteroid #4 [Psychedelic Rock, Indie Rock] ''What A Sorry Way To Go' from their1997 debut album 'Introducing...The Asteroid #4' The Dukes Of Stratosphear*  [Garage Rock, Psychedelic Rock] (* The Dukes being XTC under a pseudonym paying homage to many of their favorite 60s bands including everyone from The Beatles to The Beach Boys to Syd Barrett era Pink Floyd,Jimi Hendrix etc) '25 o'Clock' title track from their six song 1985 debut ep '25'o'Clock'  
really glad I got to see Opal play live (in a little dive in Los Angeles in 1985)  before Kendra Smith departed and the band evolved into Mazzy Star.  
loved these guys from the first time i heard 'The Unguarded Moment' many many years ago and was fortunate enough to see them live on their US Tour for Starfish.
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