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@tme110 Okay I see why you thought that then thanks for clearing matters up    it seems the C6 cup's Rhydon designed aren't listed on Symphones page any longer, (I believe because they were designed with the V6 in mind) though i'd imagine they would work fine for the V7 Magnum  as well since the V6 and V7 are the same dimensions   here is a link for the C6 cups from Symphones page on Shapeways http://www.shapeways.com/product/FHXXSMGN9/c6?optionId=58384719 it appears...
what do you mean with Rhydon out of the picture? He still designs and makes the Magnum drivers and 3-d printed cups AFAIK ,did you by chance mean Martin (Custom Audio) ?or has something happened very recently I'm unaware of? as far as gimbals,rodblocks,cups,headbands and so forth there is always http://www.rholupat.com/  though you may have to wait awhile for certain items to come back into stock though they have a great reputation and very reasonable pricing.
Zolar X  glam/protopunk pioneers out of L.A. circa 1973/74  
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