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I've been having battery issues with my F807 for about seven months now,it only charges to 90% and will still play music for around 10 hours so long as i don't do too much searching or change the artist/album too often in a short span of time. although last night i was listening to an album and my battery showed it had approximately  55% left when suddenly i heard that dreaded beeping sound and the player shut itself down,it has done this on a couple occasions since I...
while this song has been covered by everyone from This Mortal Coil to Sinead O'Connor to Robert Plant imo nothing beats the original by the late great Tim Buckley,this acoustic rendition taken from his appearance on The Monkee's TV series from March 25, 1968
UFO 'Lights Out' (1977)                                                                                                                              Rainbow 'Difficult To Cure' (1981)
just scratching the surface here,variety is indeed the spice of life.
some of my favorite records from Los Angeles' 'paisley underground' scene circa 1982-1984 from The 3'o'Clock,Rain Parade,Dream Syndicate and Opal
R.I.P. Prince... https://www.residentadvisor.net/news.aspx?id=34452  
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