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just to be clear I was asking if the native Sony music player on the ZX2 played mp3s back seamlessly, I am aware there are third party players which can play mp3 gaplessly using Android (i.e. players such as Poweramp) but I've always preferred the native Sony player over those. as far as gapless albums its not really a matter of trying them, it's just that some albums have songs that blend into one another with no pause between tracks (i.e. a lot of classical albums as...
Thanks, that's what i was hoping to hear. while lossless files are preferable if storage is no issue (and I realize the ZX-2 can hold far more music than the F887)  my ears can rarely distinguish any difference between a proper 320kbps rip and the lossless source files - so I prefer to use the 320kbps files to be able to fit more of my library on the player.
I hate to ask a question that's most likely been addressed before but. does the ZX2 play mp3 files gaplessly/seamlessly?   I know it can play  lossless formats gaplessly,  but I just purchased an F887 used and was stunned (pleasantly so) to discover it plays mp3's gaplessly none of my other sony players (NWZ-E345 / NW-F807 / NWZ-A17) can do that but i thought if the F887 can then hopefully The ZX series should as well.thanks for any/all feedback.
any/everything Reg did from 1969 through 1978 is brilliant
yeah diamonds..that was it...thanks....
what is that they say opinions are like again....?
Plaid 'The Digging Remedy' WARP records 2016
this album only gets better and better with the passing of the years. favorite track 'crystal wrists'
as much as I dislike having to say so, I honestly can not distinguish enough (if any) sonic/aural variances between either the original or the deluxe flat pads regardless of what genre of music i happen to be listening to, the source (or which pair of Grado's i have them on) to feel comfortable stating that any small difference i may invariably hear isn't merely a placebo in my mind.also i should note that physically neither pair measured differently in circumference or...
New Posts  All Forums: