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at the end of your review week Todd contacts you with a name and address to mail the headphones to, or if your seven days are nearing the end and you haven't heard from him you can contact him by email or phone. I would call or text him.
That's actually a very valid point (thank you for catching that),i've never used the 12tone/senseme feature on my F807 because i read a few reviews prior to purchasing the F807 about how long it takes to scan everything for the 12 tone analysis and so I have always just plugged my player in to the usb port and then used the Sony content transfer window or simply copied then pasted my music or video files into the music and/or video sub folders of the walkman folder on my...
kvtaco17 was first,alpha421 was second, i was third,manbear was fourth and KidA81 was fifth and he recently posted that he had mailed them to california to the sixth person (though i recall you saying you were sixth in line a few weeks back) so maybe you're seventh? you may want to email todd and check with him.
if 192gbs isn't enough you could spend $50 more and get a FiiO X5 which has no internal memory but comes with two microSD slots which combined can provide you up to 256gb of storage. personally i love Sony for the thinner design,better UI,longer battery life and their warm house sound and customizable eq and clear bass settings.not to mention the fact that their products last ages. besides with microSD cards you can (theoretically depending on how many cards you can...
are you in mobile mode or desktop? because i noticed the buttons for adding pictures/video etc seem to disappear when i switched over from desktop to mobile. I'm not sure if this is what is causing your issue or not but thought it was worth asking,  you can switch back and forth from mobile to desktop or vice versa by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking on the buttons like in the pic below
 Quote: sure it will be plastic ,if you're worried about scratches just put a screen cover on it and it will remain scratch free for as long as you own it,i have an e series which is nearing 5 years since purchase and it has the original screen cover  and not one scratch on the screen or body (as i also have a silicone case for it), plus an F series which is a year old now,it's also completely scratch free - though both have been dropped accidentally on occasion and pretty...
timewarp tuesdays,set the controls for the heart of 1979  
Avey Tare and Sid and Marty Krofft... yeah i can see that connection..  always figured the kids from Animal Collective for Lidsville/Puf'n'stuff/Bugaloo fans.and no doubt Tobacco has some S+M Krofft in his private VHS reserves.  
I'm glad you mentioned that because even though it will be released in the U.S. I am also tempted to purchase mine from Japan to get the teal/blue model as I did with my if November will just hurry up and get here.
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