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PM Sent. Would love to try the cable. Going to be using the X1 with the Lyr :)   Max
Thread still going strong Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk 2
Indeed!! I need one too.
Pending payment.....
Selling my HD800s' as I'm going to change phones and amp around. Need a change. This was a first run pair and sound great. These were my bedside rig and have only been used a few dozen times. There is one little nick (pictured below) and to be honest I'm not sure how it got there. My theory is that I dozed off and when my head turned to the side the corner rubbed up against the "cup" and put a little ding. Other than that, they are perfect. Price is $1,050.00 shipped...
I have to agree, the old forum was like an old comfy blanket if you will. This new one seems like a burlap sack :)   Still love the community though.
Quote: Originally Posted by Zodduska Tried my hand at time lapse photography with an Orchid blooming, unfortunately I had the idea a little late so I didn't quite capture it in bud form. YouTube - Orchid Bloom Timelapse HD It's 720p native so be sure to watch it in HD. Super cool! Did you use AE lock?
Raphael purchased my SAA Equinox cable. Perfect transaction, quick payment and great communication. I would deal with him in the future without hesitation.
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