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At first glance I thought that if the buyer buys a second hand SE product the only fee which he/she needs to pay to SE for reshelling is EUR 150. But, someone pointed out to me that the buyer will actually need to pay one fee for remold and the second fee for the transfer of ownership. So, the total cost for the buyer for reshelling SE product will consist of: price paid to the seller for the used SE product + EUR 329 (consisting of EUR 179 fee fore remold and EUR 150 fee...
SE is now offering transfer of ownership service for EUR 150.   EDIT: Correction. It seems that the total fees to be paid to SE for reshelling second hand SE product will amount to EUR 329 (consisting of EUR 179 fee for remolding and EUR 150 fee for the transfer of ownership).
Up for a sale are mine Custom Art Harmony 8 Pro. I have version with detachable cable (clear one). I'm selling the CIEMs together with cable, the zipper pouch and the cleaning tool (the tool was never used); I don't have the Peli case.   The CIEMs are 1,5 months old; up to date they played around 80 hours. So, they are like new. The CIEMs and the cable are working perfectly fine.   Of course they require reshelling. Since, Custom Art is offering transfer of ownership...
There are at least two offers of 5ways for sale here on headfi. Search for them.
At a first sight I actually thought that it looked like JH Audio Roxanne and was wondering is Peter started to do carbon fiber CIEMs
I understand that you either have your own version of Harmony or you heard Harmony's demo during the US tour. Could please tell us which CIEM, in your view, has bigger sound stage?
Three questions:   - which of your CIEMs is similar to Legend?   - do you know whether EarWerkz is doing reshells/transfers of ownership?   - would you consider trading for Harmony 8 pro?
Mike, any update on these?
Ultrainferno, your impressions are more than welcome as well;) BTW, I see from other thread that you have Harmony. Could you please post comparison between CE6E and Harmony (if not here than via PM please).
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