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AmberOZL, I wrote it few posts back and you already commented on it:) AFAIK, it will cost approx. PLN 4,700 which is equivalent of approx. USD 1,300.
thanks vilhelm44.   do you have FR graph and waterfall plot of CE6P?
Did anyone compare JH Audio 13Pro vs CE6P? I'm interested mostly in technical capabilities like imaging, resolution, separation, dynamics, extension on both ends, but what is most important is sound realism (my 5way Ref has so real sound and this differentiates it from any other CIEM; I was told that 13Pro is similar in realism to 5way Ref and I'm wondering whether CE6P has this realism). 
I would also add QLS QA360 and Cayin N6 to the above list.
Kamson, thanks for the info. Did you listen to any other high end CIEM like 5way or Harmony? As far as I know DTEC driver is allegedly a little bit dry in the mids. Did Emil manage to tune them to overcome this?
SE 5way Ref (it even won with Harmony 8 pro). Since I really enjoyed BA4r (I like CE smooth house sound and in particular subbass quantity and overal bass PRaT) I'm waiting for 10 driver model from Phil;)
I guess it depends on person. Within last 1.5 year I owned 6 CIEMs, but I settled just for one. I like to try new things but after testing period I'm picking the winner and it stays with me and the loser is sold.
thanks tupac for info. this is exactly how I suspected utlimate will sound like.  regarding vocals - I think that we are talking about the same thing, but we are using different words. Yes, vocals on ref are intense, emotional. I have a hard time calling them creamy as I don't know what "creamy" means:) But, this is just words. again, congratulations on the purchase.
Maybe here:
tupac, so, basically, SE lowered 2-4 kHz region and increased 4-8 kHz region. If yes, then this definitely should translate into less forward vocals, more distance, more air and better clarity. Since, SE claims that they did not change bass tuning I assume that what you are hearing in bass department is the result of the changes in 2-8 kHz and not direct changes in bass department (as according to SE no changes were made in bass region). IMHO the same may apply to...
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