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Owning Ref and having collected some opinions on Ult I also find some of the statements in jelt's review a little bit strange. I also disagree with some part of jelt's review of Harmony 8 Pro (I owned one some time ago). IMHO everything comes down to preferences  and is very subjective (even though we think that we are objective and we are assessing technical aspects of a given CIEM, in fact we are always filtering the CIEM throuhg our preferences/experience).
5wayRef and dx100 is my end game combo (mostly due to the fact that it gives me almost everything I want from SQ perspective, but I must admit that I simply lost passion for this hobby and I'm sticking with what I already achieved up to date and simply enjoy the music:))
I would say its far below 500 USD. I paid for mine approx. 450 USD. I would say on average the price for dx100 (not for hdp-r10) is 400 USD. Of course I'm referring to the fully operational units, not with, for example, broken screens.
In November 2014 they still had them:) They replaced usb socket in my dx100 as well as the back plate.
1. 102,600 2. 101,718 3. 107,180
I had one. I did not have any problems with it.
Mike, have you bought 5wayRef from sawrym and reshelled it with SE or did you buy new 5wayRef?
They are different. But if I were to find something in common, something what people call Sabre glare, I would find it in dx90 and in 901 rather than in dx90 and dx100.
I also think that implementation is crucial. To my ears dx100 sounds far more realistic and natural than hm-901 on classic or IEM or minibox card. Having heard dx90 as well I would say that both dx90 and 901 share sth in common (most likely sth what is called by some as Sabre glare) more than dx90 or 901 share sth with dx100.  But I think everything subjective and depends on pairing.
tupac0306, I just checked their web and it still contains information about pricing of the reshell and ownership transfer. So I assume that SE is still doing the reshells.
New Posts  All Forums: