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Andykong, do you still have the same thoughts as to comparison between N6 and dx100 as previously? Is my understanding correct that N6 offers the same SQ but it serves it with less bass but with the same realism and airy sound?
Hmm...Peter look at the chart below the table and it is presenting somehow contradicting info i.e. at the down of this chart the bass line goes from 0 Hz to 250 Hz, midrange line goes from 250 Hz to around 7 kHz, but the treble line goes from 1 kHz to 20 kHz (and not from the end of midrange line). Actually the chart is consistent with the chart which was linked by me. 
LOL. I honestly disagree with you Peter (and you know this) as to the "distribution" of frequency between bass, mids and treble.   I'm basing my division of the frequencies on the chart available at this address:   Subbass - up to 60 Hz Bass - 60 to 250 Hz Mids - 250 Hz to 4 kHz Upper Mids - 4 khz to 6 kHz Treble - 6 kHz to 20 kHz
IMO SE 5ways Reference totally fits marcusdb requirements, except for his reservation that the doesn't like dark sound phones. BTW, Harmony 8 Pro are more mid recessed than EM32???
Maybe it is just me having (unfortunately) bad luck with contacting them.
I send them an email with few questions regarding inter alia the Legend approx. 2-3 weeks ago and up to date I did not get any answer.
Grea review Joe as always. Do you know what drivers are used in Viento?
My impressions as to 5ways darkness is as follows: at a first glance they may seem to be darkish (what is logical since they have a very big dip in 5-8kHz region), but ironically at the same time they are a little bit bright (due 10 kHz+ region). However, after few minutes of listening this impression disappears. This "darkish" aspect of 5ways gives them very natural sound. And yes I agree that insertion depth, fit etc. plays vital role in CIEMs. Thus, in my view assessing...
  Guys, as I wrote I listened to someone else EM32 so it is likely that the sibiliance was the result of this fact. However, my main point was that to my ears EM32 treble was very harsh/emphasized (5ways has emphasized treble but they are rather smooth), very similar to Hidition, which could be very fatiquing for longer listening sessions. 
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