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Nirvana Unplugged;) nice.
I have the same impressions as Mike. My CIEM has big dip in upper mids/lower treble region and hybrid opens up it a little, adds clarity. Copper on the other hand adds warmth to the CIEM, tams the treble a little. All in all both cables does not alter the sound significantly.
Each side has two dynamic drivers, isn't this the case?
It is possible. The reshelling cost reflects the fact that Lear needs to replace all 4 dynamic drivers.
As far as I remember the cost of reshelling LCM BD4.2 is approx. USD 500.
cooperpwc, after reading your posts I'm quite intriqued by NXT-2AK. What is it? My quick Google seach showed that this is not an amp (as I thought to be at the beginning), but conditioner? What it does to the DAP so that they sound better? Can this NXT-2AK be paired with other DAPs? What kind of connection it requires? Line out?
More or less I agree with your observations as for 5way Ref. But my main point was about notes recreation on Harmony 8 pro vs Harmony 8 non-pro.
AmberOZL, great review. Although I haven't heard non-pro, taking into account that in bass and mids department pro version is using the same drivers as non-pro and I think that they are tuned identically, my impression is that the note recreation is the same between pro and non-pro, except for highs, just maybe to some the perceived note recreation is different on non-pro due to the lack of brightness on non-pro. In other words, they both perform identically in bass and...
Is there a chance for N6 world/europe tour?
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