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plashabios, thanks for the impressions. Did you own BA4? Can you compare them to CE6? I'm wonderning how big the upgrade is.
Thanks tupac:DFor me accuracy is very hard to define. I would say that a given CIEM/IEM is accurate if it is true to the recording. But, I'm also not ensure whether such CIEM/IEM actually exist. Ety ER4S may have most accurate FR response, but in terms of note decay etc. I truly doubt whether they could be called accurate (first of all they lack subbass and body - definitely there are songs which were recorded in such a way that they are outputing subbass rumble and body).
Thanks Peter for input. I fixed the quote simply by removing it:D
Here is my 5 cents to the topic (I've owned Custom Art Pro330v2, Custom Art Pro210, Cosmic Ears BA4R, Etymotic Research ER4P/S. I auditioned someone else Spiral Ear 5way Reference, Hidition NT-6 Pro. I have also auditioned universal JH Audio Roxanne), IMO: 1. neutral=balanaced. This means that bass,mids and treble are playerd more or less with the same loudness/on the same level/they constitute the same layer of music; small dips and peaks here and there does not change...
Is it really CE6P meaning BA6R? Headfonia reviewed CE6E, a fuller sounding version of CE6P (this is my understanding although I can be wrong), and the review is very positive. I'm very interested in the review od CE6P which as I understand meant to be more analytical.
If someone is interested there is a guy on our local audio forum who wants to sell his Spiral Ear 3way bought in May 2013. PM me for details. SE does not reshell its products but for example Custom Art may do this (CA already done two reshells of more complicated 5ways).
At normal listening level I can't hear anything above 16 kHz. I assume that this threshold is commom for people around their 30s. So... Tupac0306 quick question - while doing treble extension test for test tones let's say above 14kHz do you use the same volume level as for the tone of 1kHz? If yes then you have a superb hearing. If not and you simply increase the volume level to see whether you can hear sth above certain kHz then I can do the same, but in such a case this...
Roxanne has three quad proprietary Sonion and Knowles drivers, this is a 3 design with 3 soundtubes.
Quick question - isn't that any mutli driver CIEM (okey, let's say having more than 3 drivers) scales up with Hugo and Roxanne is nothing special in this respect?
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