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So I just received the k7xx from MassDrop. Must say I'm pleasantly surprised with the bass on these things, they actually rival my dt990's with certain songs after some EQ adjustments to the lower frequencies. The soundstage and separation is on another level though, was actually kind of jarring the first time I played CS GO on them lol.   I have a question on what would be the ideal way to run these off of my PC, that I was hoping someone could shed some light on. I was...
I'm not sure if I have a bad pair or something, but mine just don't seem to have much punch at all. The only way I can get a decent quantity of bass is with the bass boost on my SB Z turned all the way up. I also have them hooked up to a magni. Without the boost it's very underwhelming, particularly with music. I was actually kind of surprised by the lack of bass after reading your review and the posts in the thread.
Thanks for such a wonderful guide. It led me to initially purchase a DT 990 pro as I wanted a decent all rounder for competition and immersion. I enjoy them however I feel as though I want a little more out of the bottom end as I'm now playing much more single player and using them for music. So my question is whether or not it would be worth trading them in for an x1. Sounds like they have a similar signature with a bit more of that deep bass I'm looking for. After...
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