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Found these on Amazon, the family has several of the Optimus Pro 25 which after decades of use still produce excellent sound for an open design. Although will definitely check out Marximus recommendation of the Panasonics.   Here is the Amazon link, don´t know if I love the design as much as the simplicity of the Pro 25's though: http://www.amazon.com/Koss-KTXPRO1-Titanium-Portable-Headphones/dp/B00007056H/ref=pd_sim_e_6
The Audio Critic is a completely accurate, truthful and reliable source of news and reviews on audio equipment. Loudspeaker reviews are always colored by the preferences of the reviewer, and all the waterfall graphs of speaker pulse decays cannot possibly tell you what they sound like, or if you will love them or hate them. Record reviews - beauty is in the eye (or ear or mind in this case) of the beholder, and IMO agree with only a few of them.   WHAT DO I OWN based...
The Audio Critic is completely correct. Equipment tests are accurate however loudspeakers remain subjective as many factors such as wavelaunch, soundstage and listening room contribute to ones opinions. Speaker cable- 10 gauge zip cord compared to Monster sound just the same. Painting green rings on CDs doesn't let my computer read data any differently. Period. What DID I buy? 5 sets of Spherex for me and my children. A Zeppelin Air. All my other six large professional...
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