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Yeah, the funny thing is, I listened to a ton of gadgets, prototypes, and even things I had no interest in (in ear monitors, for starters) and then I miss out on one of the chief reasons I went! Still tons of fun, though, and I thought that it was organized really well. Plenty of room, lots of vendors, and a really fine show program. Reduced parking, too. There were a few high end amp manufacturers that I wish would have been there that were there at past Head-fi events,...
Agreed! Super comfortable, and I heard them paired with a variety of amps at various price points with good results all around. 
Don't know if Saturday's turnout will be different from Sunday's, but there was practically no wait (no more than eight minutes max for anything other than the audiologist ear impressions, and most things considerably less than than that). Which makes me even more mad at myself for walking away from the HiFiMan 1000s to "come back later" and then realizing as I got in the freeway that I never did! Idiot! 
Sorry, already committed on that date. Would like to get out there one of these times, though!
Still room for one more?
Just to join in the chorus of praise for Warren and Ethan, Huzzahs! I learn so much and meet so many cool people at these meets that I'm really grateful for the tremendous amount of work that everybody puts in to stage these events. Each time I go, I hear something new to desire. This time: A pair of vintage Stax headphones and the Woo Audio GES. Not the latest thing, but definitely a  sound that I could live with for a long time. Thanks again, everybody. The only thing...
Frank's amps are always wonderful to hear, and I personally really the look. As far as "best," well, I can never say what I liked the most at these events. I want everything! A system for every corner of the house, the car, work, sitting on the get the idea...
Total bummer! I was waiting for someone to fill out the survey, then I wandered off, thinking that I'd be back later. I made many rounds, and listened to practically everything several times, but never remembered to come back to it. Foolish me! I'll just have to wait until it's in production, I guess. 
Cool! I really liked what I heard from brilliant zen at the last meet.
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