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which setting am i lookin for i went to tools settings and tried the wasapi settings on top left all of them  worked except for the third and fifth setting for hi res
i gave it a quick test there, but not playing anything at all can you double check it please
ok got this test done this morning   i dont know anything about this sort of stuff but this test looked successful to me but still not playing hi res   Microsoft Windows [Version 6.2.9200] (c) 2012 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.   c:\>wasapi_test --device "Digital Output (Amanero Technologies USB Driver 1.0.56 )"   EXCLUSIVE: off    EVENT DRIVEN: off -------------------------------------------------------------------------  44100...
thats what i meant  but it will be tomorrow before i get more testing done
ok so for the wasapi test i just place the exe file on the c:\ and run it from the command line   the cuinas is based on this card
ive a john kenny ciunas dac, im away from home at the minute but most of the hires is 24 96 but ive bits of everything its just a pity because most of my system testing was done using hi res tracks and i knew what i was looking for improvement wise   wasapi test wouldnt run command prompt flashed up and went same as when i try to play hires 
that link doesnt work for me   on the other hand whatever version im after trying is much much better than jplay in single mode, core server and scripted i didnt get trying it against streaming jplay but i recon its in trouble for clarity, resolution, dynamics and acuracy another thing is i tried several hires tracks none of them would play for me would it be dac drivers
I think a bit of work on the operating system side of things should be next on the agenda cutting down a few processes and get it working on core So it will play hires as long as its a 32 bit container is that right? ill try the latest on ws gui and report back
I ran one of your earlier versions with windows server std with Gui, now i thought that was pretty good particularly with speed and resolution i have two issues maybe you can help me out with   1: it seems to only play some of my wav files, so i have to search through my files to find something it will play (mostly issues with hires) 2: i cant seem to get this to play with core server which i think will give it a great sonic lift (as difference between win 8 and...
i was joking as i had just hooked up another wave of power supplies to the control pc, and thought it was getting a little big for bringing around.   that being said id be curious to see how it would stack up against some of the other gear that would be there   i suppose if there was people interested in hearing it id put in the effort to do a demo   nige
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