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Wonder if you sent it before me? Near instant replies on this one.
I've used those pads. They're certainly nice enough for what they cost. I've heard the foam in them isn't as dense as the legitimate grado pads, which might change the sound a bit, but I haven't verified that. 
I"m selling my very good condition TDK BA200 dual balanced armature IEM, with all the tips and accessories. I'm the second owner of this IEM, it was purchased new from amazon approximately 5 months ago. It will come with all of the tips, and the original packaging. It is the early version with the extension cable, which will also be included. Price is $80 including shipping and paypal fees. Shipping outside the US will cost extra.
I honestly haven't seen it in person, I didn't feel like waiting a couple weeks, so I made spacers out of pvc fittings. They were of very similar dimensions, and were pretty much entirely covered by the pads, so I'd assume you wouldn't see much of them. The polished alumide apparently looks like this http://www.shapeways.com/blog/archives/1247-Do-You-Want-Your-Space-Age-Alumide-3D-Prints-to-be-Smooth.html which i think should be nice enough.   If anyone does order a...
Originally purchased as a gift, turns out the giftee had already purchased a pair of momentum's, and so didn't want another pair of cans. Brand new, still sealed in the box. Asking __shipped in the US, buyer is responsible for paypal fees, or can gift.
Looks to be more like $40 actually, as shipping outside of a handful of places is $20 for some reason... But yeah, enjoy. You'll be the second person to purchase a pair. I asked the first one to follow up with how well they worked for modding but he never did. He didn't come back complaining (or at all), so I assume they worked out ok. I didn't have the patience to wait three weeks to try them out myself, as I went the plumbing route, so I'm afraid I can't tell you how...
 Yep. that's exactly what I did for my MS1000. Shameless plug here, but If you're looking for something more precise, I CAD'ed a spacer design a while ago and posted it on shapeways, which will 3-D print them and ship them around the world. However it's not too cheap and  takes a long time before you get them. Probably something like $30 and three weeks for a pair done in an aluminum polymer mixture shipped to Australia,  If you're feeling fancy they also do stainless...
Hi guys, I recently purchased a demo unit T5p directly from Beyer, but it came in far worse condition than it was advertised as. Naturally I sent a complaint, and they offered to exchange them for a brand new pair for no charge, which I am now looking to sell on here.    This is an excellent closed headphone, it does definitely come close to the technical ability of the T1, imaging and instrument separation is absolutely incredible, especially considering that it's...
Beyerdynamic T5p?
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