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Headphone(s) / earphone(s) you possess: AKG 272HD, Koss Porta Pro, Klipsch X10, Shure SE115, Klipsch S4i, Rooth Elpis, KZ ZS3, Audio Technica IM-50, KZ ATE -Any DAP(s) / DAC(s) / amp(s) you may possess:  iBasso DX50, Sansa clip +, Creative xFi, Apple Itouch 4th gen, Fiio E7 -Descriptions and links to review(s) you may have posted: -Your geographical region (e.g. the city and country you...
Just tried the SE846 with black nozzle today. I'm really impressed with the sound of it. I think it sounds very close to the Fitear MH334/MH335DW, can anyone confirm whether they get the same impression? The bass is real good for a balanced armature earphones. Fit wise its a little too big for my ears, the Westone series of earphones seems to fit better for me.
Tested e40 and e70. Fitting wise both are better than the im series. I like the fit of e70 more than e40. Sound wise I like the e40 more than e70. E70 treble sounds a little too sharp for my liking. The e40 sounds and fit better than my im50. With that said, not gonna buy it as I really hate memory cable and I thought these were mmcx connectors. I'm using a pair of piston 2 over im50 just cuz of the memory cable.
im interested in this. but i got 2 questions. are the pads replaceable? why is such a long cable provided for portable use?
any1 tried the pioneer version? whats the difference between the 2 units? does the pioneer version have the better ui?
Hello, I'm not the creator of the dap nor am I affiliated with them in any ways.
• Seiun Pro X is the flagship product for the Seiun line, our goal is to make this a beast to be reckoned with. • Featuring a powerful 8-Core CPU and the latest version of Android OS. • It’s a Portable Media Player capable of playing Audio up to 384KHz/32bit PCM and Native DSD 256. • It can also decode Ultra HD 4K Video out via the Type-C to HDMI (2.0) port. • The USB Type-C port will also serve as a SPDIF out connection supporting up to a 384KHz/32bit digital audio...
where can i get it?
You are not the intended customer if you're bitching about the price, so look elsewhere. Most hobbies are irrational, props to people who can afford it and are willing to splurge on it. 
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