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does it matter? i for one is happy that the rest of the world gets to enjoy suyama's work. if the current mh335dw user feels alot for the exclusiveness i feel i sad for them. 
 you mentioning that the tips are bigger than your jh16pro makes me a little disappointed with jerry harvey. i feel that he could have done more without doing the whole carbon fibre thing. yes it sounds cool. but being bigger means that the cf has a lower tolerance to be able to contour to the shape that is our ear canal thus the bigger size. i may be wrong but in all seriousness the cf really brings nothing to the sq. its just a gimmick on his part. the outlandish feel...
 sic links. wanna know what suyama is up to. been holding on the purchase of mh335dw for quite some time.
My god, that is a work of beauty. i do hope he can implement that into ciem too. after having ciem, cant go back to universals. the comfort is miles apart. theres nothing pushing against the inner of my ear to cause discomfort at all. 
its a tragedy that paying 500usd wont get you a reshell for the work thats gonna be done on it.
can sic source of this info? 
happy new year joe, need to check are users able to replace battery? or is it completely sealed up?
with female vocals with certain words, it sounds a little piercing to my ears to the point of not not enjoying it at all. im testing with the song royals by lorde with the same iem on 3 source. xperia z ultra/pc using foobar/jriver/x5 and the x5 display this syndrome the most followed by jriver having a very small amount in the jriver playback and none on the z ultra and foobar playbacks. playing the same track on my akg k272hd i didnt manage to replicate the same problem....
 also taking quite long. theres no acceleration :( 
having a blast with it at the moment. brief impression is that the treble seems to be kinda sharp on the normal eq, not sure is the player or the earphones(null audio elpis 2). ui wise its better than the dx50 for sure but aint no ipod classic silky smooth. the wheel definitely needs a gradual acceleration(might have it but too little) . with only 650+ songs i have to turn the wheel 70+ complete circles to reach from first to last song.  
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