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I will commit on one once they show they can do a decent interface. 
ok, guys, need advice on how you guys are sculpting the ear impression. cant get mine to fit comfortably in my ears all the time... 
anybody know the release date in japan?
Hi guys,    running into some problems making the shell. i just made the shell using uv acrylic but once it cures, the outer layer of it is sticky all over. i have lp cleaner from egger which i believe is used to clear the greasy/sticky layer. how do i use the lp cleaner? do i dip the whole shell in it and put it back to cure? also i dipped my  impression in wax and while taking it out of the mould, the wax flakes inside the mould. how do i go about clearing it? below is...
Hi guys, from this thread, I have learnt a lot from you guys. At the moment, I have a set of CI 22955, ED 29689, TWFK and Linum T2 female plugs. Do you guys have any suggestions/schematic on how I can wire this guys up? I currently have 2mm tubes which are too big for the CI 22955. If I'm not wrong, my acoustic dampers are 2.08mm. What diameter of tubes do you guys recommend? Does that mean I cant squeeze the 2.08mm dampers into lets say 1.5mm tubings? Does it matter which...
Headphone(s) you possess: AKG 272HD, Koss Porta Pro, Klipsch X10, Shure SE115, Klipsch S4i, Rooth Elpis 2 DAP(s) you possess: iBasso DX50, Sansa clip +, Creative xFi, Apple Itouch 4th gen FiiO product(s) you possess (if any): E7, E12DIY Descriptions and links to review(s) you have posted: none Your geographical region (e.g. the city and country you live in): Singapore Language(s) you can read: Chinese and English 
does it matter? i for one is happy that the rest of the world gets to enjoy suyama's work. if the current mh335dw user feels alot for the exclusiveness i feel i sad for them. 
 you mentioning that the tips are bigger than your jh16pro makes me a little disappointed with jerry harvey. i feel that he could have done more without doing the whole carbon fibre thing. yes it sounds cool. but being bigger means that the cf has a lower tolerance to be able to contour to the shape that is our ear canal thus the bigger size. i may be wrong but in all seriousness the cf really brings nothing to the sq. its just a gimmick on his part. the outlandish feel...
 sic links. wanna know what suyama is up to. been holding on the purchase of mh335dw for quite some time.
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