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Thanks for all the help guys.   I've bought the LP2020A+, three $2 clip-on mics from DX and a pair of Dayton B652s from an Aussie retailer I found - unfortunately at a marked up price but still cheaper than a $90 shipping fee from Amazon.    About to purchase the 900X, an E10 DAC/amp with L7 line out adapter, speaker wire and a 3.5mm to RCA cable to connect the E10 to the LP2020A+. Anything else I need?
Ok. I think I will.   All the other parts cost an arm and a leg for shipping, Where can an Australian buy some audio gear without doubling its cost due to shipping?
Yeah good point - I'd rather be spending money on a good set of cans rather than a sound card that might pick up noise from the motherboard and provide software to make gaming better. I don't game THAT intensely, I've hit a stage of life where I can muck around and enjoy it rather than play seriously all the time. :P   Ahhh.. you're dangling the carrot with the DT880s/990s. I noticed the E10 DAC/amp came with a bass boost feature, I think that in conjunction with the...
I heard that internal sound cards picked up computer noise or something.   Also what's the benefits of that card vs the e07k, for example?
You have my attention...
Ok. Think I'm going to go with A900Xs (splurge a bit) from an E07k; L7 line out to L2020A+ and B652s.
Haha alright I'll steer clear. Do I need any adapters or anything if I was to purchase what I posted in the OP?
No worries. Hey, you're Aussie too... This .au website is selling 900X's for $139, reckon it's legit?
Yeah, that DAC/amp combo came up in my research. Bit too expensive for my budget, though. :c
Hey everyone!   I recently bought a new pricey PC and wanted to put the cherry on top with a solid audio setup. Please note, I've never owned or used any sort of quality speakers, headphones, amps/DACs so $300-$400 will let me notice a massive boost in quality.   Firstly, the setup will be used for listening to a wide variety of music as well as playing games. I'd like to get into music production eventually too. I require a set of speakers, quality headphones, a...
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