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Hi mate, i get it. Thing is - i bought these two amps way back in Hong Kong when I wasnt aware of the vacuum tube scenario in Japan. With over 35kgs the LM218A will be a pain to ship back for any kind of change. Not worth IMO. Instead I am slowly phasing these out from Japan to my bro who lives in 220V country. Thats a one way shipping that I can live with given I want to keep the amps. In Japan, the 100V McIntosh and Denon are my main work horses. But when fired the LM...
No, I am not aware of it. I have a step up transformer with more than enough headroom and my Line magnetic LM 2018A plugged to it and paired with my Dali Helicons doesn't sound sh!tty to me.  Could it be better? may be. But then I have other avenues to pursue for refinement  
Hi mate, Yes, I am aware. Have 2 amps which I really like and weren't available for Japan voltage when I bought. Running them with a 100 to 220V step up transformer :). 
No problem mate. I know how frustrating waiting can be. Hope you get your soon.
Got it. I can always buy and ship from here if you like ;)
You mean Amazon? Looks like they do have it in stock. Unlike Amazon US, Amazon JP doesn't sell them but you can find plenty on local marketplace ( Not sure about Amazon in other countries. 
I have been using the SEM1 with ZH1ES exebsively alongside the Z1R. Sounds exrenely good even via unbalanced output.
Echo it! I am listening to Audeze LCD XC with this amp and the combo sounds excellent!
Curious, what was the issue with your M1?
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