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I wonder which headphones people used that worked great for watching movies. I would think you'd want something very forward with a strong bass response and good soundstage. What is essential? What is the best frequency response? Would be nice to hear about headphones in different price ranges as well. 
 Wow I'm surprised it compares well to the MDR-1R and MA900. I've tried a lot of different budget mostly under 100 dollars headphones and I keep going back to my Koss DJ100s. It's just so well rounded and definitely underrated. 
Pro 80's are great for rock and should be an improvement on clarity and detail from the CAL's but they can be a little too fatiguing bright/sharp sounding although that probably depends on how long and how loud you listen to them.
UE6000 is overall a better quality product heavier and more comfortable pads but can get sweaty after a long listening while the Sennheiser feels light and cheap. For your music style I would choose neither they both have rolled off highs and rock sounds best with crisp highs. If I had to choose one I'd go with the UE6000 just because it's a better product and it's more forward sounding while the HD 439 is super laid back almost like it needs an amp to work properly.
This might be due to the fit but I thought the inspirations sounded like crap compared to M50's. The M50's feel like they have a much richer bass and treble response while the Inspirations have slightly rolled off treble and almost sounded muffled. Again it's probably just the fit I have bigger than average ears. 
For on-ear the JVC S500's are great for EDM. For around ear I'd recommend M50 or Koss DJ100 both handle EDM very well.    Personally I would avoid Sol republics judging by the frequency response graphs they are like every other "celebrity" style headphone (Monster Inspiration, Skullcandy mix master for example) with rolled off highs and exaggerated bass that only works well with a few hip hop songs but thats just my personal preference of what a HP should sound like. 
From research/graphs the X1 would be first recommendation followed by DT880 for your music style. The X1 is also recommended by Tyll's Wall of Fame for open headphones. Haven't heard those headphones though. 
I would stick with tried and true studio headphones like Sony MDR 7506. Or DT 770 might be better for EDM so you don't over compensate. I've seen Trent Reznor of NIN use the 770's so they must be good. 
Don't forget to account for Aviators and CAL being pretty much semi-open or open headphones with a lot of sound leakage and thats part of why they sound so good imo no experience just from research. I kind of miss the M50 sound sig. even with it's recessed mids the rich highs and bass are very fun to listen to. I'd second the M50's in that price range. After trying many headphones in retrospect the M50's are probably the best in sub 150 price range. 
I would buy the new ATH M30X on amazon if I had the money to spend. Also second the Koss Pro DJ100 because it's so underrated especially at 40 dollars. 
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