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I wonder as a hypothetical whether you could make Etymotic shells out of silicone. It would be more resistant to shock from it hitting objects and the flexibility would mold to the ear better for comfort.
 It's relevant to cost and labour though. 3 BA CIEM is going cost more not just in cost of components but also cost in labour of building the shell. The factor that is important is how many get rejected but considering the cost of components is quite low as is the assembly time even with very good channel matching it doesn't justify $350 and then overcharging on all the accessories. I have wondered whether the BA used that weren't good enough for the ER-4 series ended up...
You can get a Custom Art ei.3 for $300 which is a 3 BA CIEM. Etymotic pricing is so ridiculous. Hope to see their pricing reduce by $100.  ER4S is just ER4PT with a 75Ω resistor in series to increase treble as the impedance curve isn't flat. You can buy an P to S adapter from ebay or just make one yourself which is quite simple. http://www.innerfidelity.com/images/EtymoticER4PT.pdf Looking forward to someone opening up to see what BA model is inside in the 4XR and 4SR. The...
 Airline adapters are generic and often come with an inline resistor. Easy to buy elsewhere. I'd rather Etymotic bundled a lot more filters considering how overpriced they are to buy as accessories from Etymotic and how cheap you can buy them in bulk from Mouser which also isn't viable because of the flat shipping costs being high regardless of the quantity you order. A cable with a microphone is a basic accessory for smartphones and you are dead wrong if you think...
 So it's an aftermarket accessory. That is so Etymotic.
@EtyDave   Will Etymotic be making a cable that has a built in microphone to be used with the 4XR?   Considering that the Etymotic IEMS get used in portable settings with a smartphone and work well in that environment due to the high noise isolation it is nice to see a bass boosted model as nobody has access to system wide PEQ on Android/iOS.
Shipping would be to UK
 No DD decoding yet.  Use the minimum gain for a comfortable volume. So use low gain unless you are going beyond 80% volume often. http://nwavguy.blogspot.com/2011/09/all-about-gain.html
Creative have gone very quiet again.
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