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I bought from this seller. I'll upload my own photos soon.  Price includes P&P and paypal fees.
Selling my Dunu DN-1000 for EU and UK.
In excellent condition without any cracking. These have been foam-modded so they sound like the more expensive HD595 version.   Cost of postage in the UK is £5 and please add on paypal fees unless paying via gift.  For EU shipping please give me an address so I can calculate the cost of postage.
Anyone in EU/UK wanting to sell their IM-02/IM-03?
Anyone know what Knowles BA drivers are being used in each model?
What makes Balanced Armatures sound "thin", makes electrostats have "effortless treble" and orthodynamics have "bass slam"?
Used once. Comes with box.   Price includes postage for UK and paypal fees.
AKG K601   Serial number: 3288   Has some scuffs and marks. Pads have a few marks and slightly discoloured but they are clean.   Doesn't have a cable so you will need to do the rewiring on the left cup but that shouldn't be too difficult for someone with the materials and soldering equipment. You could add a socket for a detachable cable if you wanted or make it a balanced setup.   PM me to talk about a price.
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