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$4000 and you don't even get a 1.5m cable included. No doubt this will be a $200 extra.   Both the Elear and Utopia are very high efficiency. 104dB/mW at 80Ω. Great for pairing with a Fiio Q1.   Are the ear pads removable?   490g is really heavy though and it doesn't look like Focal was really optimizing weight reduction as much as they could have done. For context the HE-6 weighs 500g and the HD800 weighs 330g.
If the HE-500/HE-6 cups weigh the same as the new cups then I won't bother transplanting them across.
Are the HE-500/HE-6 cups heavier than the 400S/i/560 cups? Do the 560 cups weigh more than the 400S ones?   HE-500/6 is 500g without cable.   How much lighter is the new headband over the old one?
This is a HD600 cable that has been converted to balanced 4 pin XLR.   I am waiting for my new unbalanced cable to arrive which will be in 1-2 weeks. I won't accept payment until my new cable has arrived. Will send the cable then.   Price includes shipping and paypal fees. Listing the classified now for people that are interested.
Hope to see a Nighthawk that aims for the mids and treble of Harman Listener Target Curve in the future.     It would be as popular as the HD 600 and HD 650.
I wonder as a hypothetical whether you could make Etymotic shells out of silicone. It would be more resistant to shock from it hitting objects and the flexibility would mold to the ear better for comfort.
 It's relevant to cost and labour though. 3 BA CIEM is going cost more not just in cost of components but also cost in labour of building the shell. The factor that is important is how many get rejected but considering the cost of components is quite low as is the assembly time even with very good channel matching it doesn't justify $350 and then overcharging on all the accessories. I have wondered whether the BA used that weren't good enough for the ER-4 series ended up...
You can get a Custom Art ei.3 for $300 which is a 3 BA CIEM. Etymotic pricing is so ridiculous. Hope to see their pricing reduce by $100.  ER4S is just ER4PT with a 75Ω resistor in series to increase treble as the impedance curve isn't flat. You can buy an P to S adapter from ebay or just make one yourself which is quite simple. http://www.innerfidelity.com/images/EtymoticER4PT.pdf Looking forward to someone opening up to see what BA model is inside in the 4XR and 4SR. The...
 Airline adapters are generic and often come with an inline resistor. Easy to buy elsewhere. I'd rather Etymotic bundled a lot more filters considering how overpriced they are to buy as accessories from Etymotic and how cheap you can buy them in bulk from Mouser which also isn't viable because of the flat shipping costs being high regardless of the quantity you order. A cable with a microphone is a basic accessory for smartphones and you are dead wrong if you think...
 So it's an aftermarket accessory. That is so Etymotic.
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