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I recommend silver with1%gold cable. It provides much better tonal balance, fuller sound with both extending of top to bottom. The sound stage is wider. More transparency, no congest sound like stock cable. But the cable is pricy. In my opinion, it is worth to invest in one shot to get best cable. I recommend to invest in cable first, just use it with iPhone first. You can buy better dac and amp later when you have more budget. This is from my own experience.
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I agree with him of iPhone 5, the SQ is comparable to AK120. If compare only play with AAC file. Just different in term of each signature. Both are good in term of play AAC file. Must give credit to iPhone for best player of AAC file. I use FitEar togo334 with 99%silver1%silver cable. AK120 is superior SQ if you play with higher resolution files. If I have limited budget and play only AAC file. I recommend to start with best IEM and Cable first. And expand later to AK120...
Hi, I want to thank all members here who provide great information of AK120. It makes me change a decision from buying CLAS solo DB plus RSA intruder amp and FitEar togo334 to be AK120 plus FitEar togo334 instead. It is a very excellent portable sound system. It gives me short cut, not to go thru the route of DAC plus Amp stacks.
Hi, I recommend to upgrade from stock cable. Here is my cable 99% silver plus 1% gold. It provides more extended on high and more deep and tight bass. Sound is more full and separate image, not congest.
Hi, Is it MK1 or MK2? And what is the AC voltage? How long is it? Please post the pictures of it. What condition is it, near mint? Thanks.
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Have you sold it yet ? If not, I confirm to buy.
Fejnomit or Jeff is unfair and not trusty person. He does not keep his word. This is the truth happened Classified: Eddie Current Balancing Act PX4/300B Ultimate Package - MUST READ Hi, I want to buy your Eddie current BA of USD 4,199. Please calculate the shipping cost to Hong Kong. Could you give me a favor by give free more TWO of the 6SN7/6SL7 variants (total 4 tubes). I will pay by PayPal. Hi, Shipping to Hong Kong will be pricey. There will be two quite...
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