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Lots of funny stuff in just the last few posts. Funny how everyone trying to correct everyone isn't really clear themselves or understand sarcasm...
 I agree... you described them really well but just thought I made that distinction clearer in the context of the question "offboard vs onboard" that's all :) There are also newer variants of the KGSSHV design - KG and Spritzer have been continually working on this to keep sourcing of parts easy and reducing footprint. The Stax community should be thankful to have such dedicated folks that allow for more of us to experience well-amped headphones.
 Thanks for the quick reply darin - your contribution to this thread cannot be understated. I'll try to find some time to test this out this coming weekend, too. 
 Doesn't matter which version of the PSU board. The tubes draw about 2-3 times more than the KGSSHV - which is why you need to remove the current limiters for the Mosfets. It'll work with the onboard sinks - it just eats the LT1021s for me when cased up cause of the heat (and I use it in an air conditioned room). Since you're building the offboard kgsshv, I'm certain you'll get the megatron up before that :P I think LilKnight is caught up in some stuff, he's always been a...
 IMO just focus on the Megatron... apart from sounding better, you'd probably get it up faster because there're a lot less parts to worry about. Additionally, do go offboard for the PS instead of the onboard sinks (I would recommend this as it can get quite hot in Oz, too). If you do buy the BHSE, I'd be very interested for you to do the comparison, too :)
Please do share your impressions of the two amps. Very interested to learn more about the Chinese DIY amp, too :)
Since you're comfortable with DIY... For around that amount and if you're going to go with SMD anyways, I'd propose going with something like this: or Joshua Tree?.   I'm using this in my latest amp and it's better than the shunt 24-step attenuators I used to make for myself. It's less difficult (no rings or odd soldering angles to deal with), has more resolution (128 vs 24, obviously) and you don't really have to solder that many resistors (14)....
 Spritzer and Kevin will probably jump in soon, but if it's mV you're really fine for electrostatics. My electrostatic tube amp (also a KG design) runs at +- 1v and it's meant to run between +-10V. Did you measure your DC offset (channel and ground)?
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