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Fallen angel - thank you for the input. The EAD is VERY well made, it won't surprisee me if the PS and output stage would be far superior to the soekris. Which is why I now find the Audio GD r2r board so Interesting! Wushuliu - let me get this straight - those boards are basically a dac and a clock? All you need for full DAC is a power supply and an output stage? Tank out.
Hi guys.   Im thinking about getting this board as well, but im not sure if it can challange my current dac... EAD DSP7000 mk3   I dont care for Hi-Res, so obviously the EAD being redbook only is fine by me, and it does sound incredible, and far superior to any other dac i had around.   So - Would the soekris R2R dac beat it? what do you think?   (i realize its not likely that anyone heard both or tried to compare them, but i am interested in your...
Hey guys.   Im on the market for a new pair of headphones and while sound quality is a must, comfort is my main concern...   Im going to be wearing this for long hours while working on the computer and the local weather is always and the hot side.   So, they need to be light, not earwarming, not in ear and all around comfortable.   The price range is around 300$, but if thats not a reasonbale range i could stretch it a little..   And on more thing, a headphone...
Hey guys. I currently run a MF VDAC2 which is on OK DAC. my setup however grew beyond it and now it serves as the bottleneck of my system.  so, time to get a new USB DAC! the two and most immediate options in my price range: hegel HD2 M2tech hiface DAC or anything else you would recommended with in the price range.. DIY is also an option, so is there an ebay USB dac worth a mention? so what do you think?
i just did, i also made sure its the one that has no shared irq.. and the problem is still there :/   im gonna go for broke, format my computer and give it all a fresh start.. lets all pray to the audio gods it works.
it did, but i cant find them.. but even if i did, i updated the driver for a reason - playback of video files was slow and now its fine.. when audio is played through the hdmi output directly to the tv its also ok. the problem is only with the usb DAC.
hey guys.    sorry for bringing up an old thread but i have the same problem and im just about to pull all my hair out.. i tried everything you guys suggested but with no luck. the problem started when i updated my video card driver and now i can find the original driver to roll everything back :/   my setup - intel dn2800 motherboard (everything is onboard..) and a MF V-DAC II   the problem - POPS! lots of them.. more when using youtube, less when using...
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