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Thank you! I'm still using the Sony Hybrid eartips (purples) and the ue900's, which seem to make them crystal clear. Looks like you're in UK, otherwise I would try those out! Also, I use the Monster gels sometimes to really emphasize the bass if I'm in the mood. I never did see anything about the sonic difference between the old FA's or the new revision....?
I have tried all the iem's mentioned save for the mdx1000. I came across this post looking for best clarity. I would say the pfe232's are my go-to on clarity with good bass. I also would suggest the k3003i for more bass and good clarity. All-around winners for me are the Fischer Amps Fa-4e-XB. The latter is an incredible IEM.
I realize that the ASG was compared to the older version earlier. I was wondering if anybody else had any experience hearing the two other than this one person being the End all say. Also, I did not see a comparison to the Heir Audio 5.0. Most definitely I didn't see one against JH Audio Roxanne unless I'm searching the wrong text.
Does anyone know how the 4A's compare to Heir Audio 5.0's and/or have more opinions on stacking up to ASG-2's? I'm also considering selling and saving up for JH Audio Roxanne's- would that be worth it, you think?
Brief: 1. PFE232 vs FA-4E-XB 2. KEF M200 vs FA-4E-XB 3. DN1000 vs FA-4E-XB   1. These two IEM's are probably the last two I would let part from me.  I love both of them for what they do.  Both IEM's do a great job with bass, while the FA's do better with the sub bass, the PFE's do better with clarity.  They are both very clear, but when I really want concise instrument separation, timbre, and clarity, I go to the PFE232's.  If I really want all around and a submersive...
I believe the comparation was:   I was really looking intently at the ASG-2 or the FA4EXB's, but this review helped tip me to the Fischer's.  I still want to hear the ASG-2's, but i go back and read that and I'm reassured of my choice; not that it bashed the ASG-2's at all.  
I will check it out and update on here once I find the one I'm referring to.  I've read so much on here; a lot of times through my cell phone, but haven't done much posting, but it is nice to chat with people that have the same interests; my wife thinks I'm nuts.   According to FA, what are the differences supposed to be?
I did a little bit of digging and discovered that I purchased this back in February. So, I don't know if it qualifies as being the latest version. My luck, I just missed the cut off by a month or two. However, I wish that I knew because if there is a newer version I am unfortunately going to have to buy it. I will try to offer some comparations on here between the headphones that I do have; m200, dn-1000, FAD IV heaven, pfe232, and Westome UM4.
if I did receive a newer one, then I really lucked out then!  I had read a comparison on Head fi that I can't find for the life of me now, but it compared it to other 4 drivers and in the end decided on the FA's because of the bass.  Wish I could find that because I thought it was pretty accurate. I'm not done in my insane, obsessed, irrational, and expensive hunt for the best headphone, and I would love to hear about a comparison between the Unique Melody universal...
I bought them about 3 or 4 months ago. I think I would fall behind on my mortgage before I gave up these headphones! I'd really like to try the UM Merlins or 3D's or Heir Audio's 5ai's. I have the new Westone's coming in the mail; the 4-drivers. I wasn't crazy about their previous; the FA 4E XB's blew them away, IMO. I wouldn't have bought the westone's if I hadn't gotten such a smokin' deal on them!
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