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Hello!   I'm looking to stay within the US.   I have some headphones for sale.  They're ALL within 2 months old, have the accessories, in Mint condition, and sound awesome.     DN-2000: like new in BOX (LNIB)!  Great alternative to the K3003, IMO.  $200   Blue Mo-Fi: Like new in BOX!  $260   PM-3: Like new in BOX!  $360   Again, this is not like buying them at a garage sale where you get an incomplete, used set and can haggle down the prices to garage sale...
This is an old post, but I've been on a search for such a mic with a headset. There aren't any that tout a noise canceling MIC, but you'd thing they'd have an aftermarket cable with this feature; I'd snatch one up in a heartbeat. Until then, some mics perform better than others. Off the good: Bose MEI2 PFE232 UE900 blue Cable For over ears: V-Moda Logitech g933 (best I've tested) UE9000 Bluetooth The BAD: MONSTER/beats controltalk on turbine pros. I've never owned any...
 These look really classy! Who knew B&W would look so good?
Comes in box with all needed cables and premium gold tube thats been purchased along the way! This beauty can anything you can throw at it. Works with PC or Mac!
Selling good condition Heaven IV's. Liked them so much I bought the VI's, theb the VIII's! Don't miss a great opportunity to hear them for yourself! Will include case and a plethora of tips, as each tip brings a new dimension to the Heaven series. First to reach out gets them! (Includes shipping, but not PayPal fees)
(Now EmpireEars Legend Omega) These are the best headphones I have ever heard.  This is rare to find with multiple colors; ordered directly from Jack.  Can do the reshelling through Jack Vang for $200, or through Fischer out of Florida for about $120. Both these cables run over $200, and the blue/black one is simply stunning and comes with smartphone microphone with remote. If you ever considered getting these, THIS would be the time.
LOL!  You can't find a perfect fit for the earphones called "Perfect Fit!"  
Thats funny! Great price on that aftermarket cable, but ill be damned if its not rock solid. Iit looks great! This sold REAL fast. Can't wait to get more money in my pocket again and snatch these back....or jump into the HD800. But i was very happy with the 700's, and their price as used are an amazing value.
I have a White V-Moda M-100 that's only a few months old.  It has the gray shields and additional blue shields.  It has the computer cable, universal smartphone cable, AND the iPhone cable.  Comes with the case as well, but I don't believe I have the original box anymore; but the box was never the thing that played the music anyways ;-).   These also have the standard earpads as well as V-Moda's larger, softer earpads, so you'll be able to get your perfect fit.   Price...
Have  a good condition HD700 that comes in original box and 1.2m red & black cable.  Cable has 3.5mm jack and plugs directly into smartphone, or use an adapter to 1/4" jack.  I'm a highly rated Amazon and eBay seller. This is SOLD! Shipping will be fast Priority Mail with tracking This is a limited time offer and will go to the first person who reaches out!
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