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Will anyone be bringing an ETHER or an HE-560 to this meet? Thanks
Hey all - missing the bass on the 400 and thinking about buying them yet again. Only listen to EDM on them - how do the focus/focus-a pads affect the sound on the 400? Cheers 
Perfect, thanks. Just seeing if it's worth trying. I'll stick my 400i and TH600. I need to buy the 400 again lol 
Can anyone point me to a comparison between the open el-8 and the 400i? Cheers 
Does anyone have an HE400 they would like trade for a Project Starlight tube amp + cash? If so, please PM me, thanks
Looking to trade for a latest revision HE400. I'll trade the Starlight plus cash for one.
Don't be afraid of EQ. Level or boost so that the frequencies under 60Hz are emphasized more, then try that track again. You will find your rumble, the drivers are very capable. They can do more rumble, they were just voiced to be balanced. I like to use EQ on EDM, flat on most other genres. This way the phones are more versatile.
It's been tried, pc players dominated console players because of the mouse/kb.
I had the DT880 for gaming. I sold it for the X1, which I would recommend over the Beyers for that purpose. The 400i has a smaller soundstage comparatively which makes finding enemies more difficult. It would be my last choice of the three for gaming, but first of the three for music.
Then you're listening to the wrong stuff I'm also calling anything up to 60 Hz sub bass for my purposes.
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