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Anyone planning on having both headphones on hand and doing a direct 500 - 400i comparison? *cough Jerg cough*
Hey guys - selling one of my Project Starlights with a JDS labs ODAC. Starlight is like new
Continental U.S. only, I'll pick up PayPal and shipping fee.   Save $100 buying slightly used Selling these together as a set, will not break it up. I bought this for a work setup but don't have time to listen. It all works perfectly and the sound is incredible. I bought the Starlight new, only used it a handful of times. I bought the ODAC used on this forum - has a few scratches, but no issues.   Project Starlight Built by Garage1217 (The Starlight built...
Yeah but these have already taken a back seat with this community. That makes me sad, the 400i is the one new headphone I'm excited about.
Me too. Anyone getting a sample unit? If so, when?
^^ exactly
Thanks for all the detailed info Jerg. Sounds like the 400i is going to be more to my liking. Hope they address the driver screws issue before they release it. I need a set of those pads for my 500, any word on when we can buy those?
Good changes. Did this happen today?
Positioning is the same as 3, but sounds are better. I think it's good with Dolby headphone. Using the th600 for the game. Thanks for the vids Martin, plan on watching them tonight.
It's called post-purchase rationalization and it's one form of choice-supportive bias.
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