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Me too. Anyone getting a sample unit? If so, when?
^^ exactly
Thanks for all the detailed info Jerg. Sounds like the 400i is going to be more to my liking. Hope they address the driver screws issue before they release it. I need a set of those pads for my 500, any word on when we can buy those?
Good changes. Did this happen today?
Positioning is the same as 3, but sounds are better. I think it's good with Dolby headphone. Using the th600 for the game. Thanks for the vids Martin, plan on watching them tonight.
It's called post-purchase rationalization and it's one form of choice-supportive bias.
Loved rush in BC2, not so much in BF3/4. Excited to try Titan mode though
I pretty much play conquest, that's about it. HC could be ok if it weren't for snipers and all the noob teammates that kill you. In general, BF4 is noobcore. MBT law, airburst, ucav, active radar, I don't have to go on. They made a shooter where you don't have to aim 
Hardcore is noobcore IMO, it is a sniper haven
Used the AWS last night too. Live it up before the nerf comes in. And agreed of course on the AA mine, unbelievable how many things are in the game that require no skill, much less aim
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