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Just an update, the polished aluminum hasn't dulled or anything. I haven't treated them with anything since polishing, or even bothered cleaning them and they are still very shiny. The alloy in these headphones seems to be very oxidation resistant. 
 It would work. You do have to sand through to the bare aluminum first. If you do it try to make the edges where you don't sand as clean as possible because the edges will stand out more with blue.
I am glad you are liking them. I just got mine in the other day and really like them too. I don't find the lyrics hard to understand but everyone hears a little differently. Do yourself a favor and stay away from 5 Finger Death Punch with these headphones, I am not a fan myself but a good friend of mine is and to me it is the only band with a real problem with the sounds. I forgtet the word but words ending in S and F sounds are unbearable but I haven't found this to be...
I think it would be easy enough to use a HD 25 Cable. As for the pads it might be worth calling up Senn and getting an extra pair or two in advance. If you can't I think Velour HD 25 pads are going to be readily available for quite awhile. 
Thanks a lot :) I had actually pictured doing it differently in my mind but once I started I realized that my first plans weren't going to work.  I see in the Amperior thread that you just got yours. I never believed in burn in before my Amperior but the change in sound between the first 5 minutes and the next 20 hours was astonishing. 
The right one should just take a wiggle and a tug. Grab the connector not the cord and give it a firm pull.  The right one on mine was really in there too but has become easier to remove.   Now taking the drivers out of the cups the first time was not as easy as the videos made it look. Now it is easy but I think mine might have been lightly glued in O.o
They are Finished! All pics added and I would enjoy any comments positive or otherwise.   *Insert Shameless Self Bump Here*
I though I would share this with the Amperior lovers. I decided my Amperior were too subtle so I decided to make mine shiny. Work Log in Link Below.       One of a kind, easy, and cheap mod.
I second that, hd 600 and a half decent and a pretty rockin sound card.   People have too much money and not enough brains... I sort of wish I had that problem too, 1 out of the two just doesn't cut it. 
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