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Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. Just tempted to press the button.
Wonder if I should get the Fidue a31's. $20.90. Good deal or bad?   Here's the link to the page.   @Hisoundfi   This the cable your talking about? LINK   Edit #1 : Anyone know if these Vivo's are a re shelled version of VSD1's, etc? LINK Not sure about the seller just wondering if they are like the Vivo XE800's, being shelled differently, etc. Alternate link.
Has anyone tried out the SondMAGIC Es20's? Been keeping my eye out on them. Penon Audio has them but can't seem to find in-depth review anywhere.   http://penonaudio.com/Earphones/In-ear-earphone/SoundMAGIC%20ES20  
XD Nope, came up with my name because of the color Blue and I like Phoenix type of stuff.Awesome! Was hoping they would get them in, I was planning on getting the Hifiman RE 300, so if these are any good, I'm always up for saving money.
Here is a review or first look of the HZ-EP001's, can't really tell   It offers some more images/pictures. If it's pretty well sounding I will more then likely buy a pair.   http://piebbs.pconline.com.cn/topic-112304.html   Quick Edit: Use Google Translate. XD   A couple of pictures from there:  
Anyone know a good inexpensive but pretty cool amp / dac, or possibly a combo of the two? I understand that the Cayin is pretty nice, just will mainly use it at my desk.
 Posted this earlier in the thread but waited three or four days, so not to spam. =D
Anyone got a pair of these yet? They look awesome, they look like the would be super comfortable but waiting on everyone's impressions.
Thanks for posting that link. Looking for some inexpensive but impressive IEMs. Something that are pretty "fun" or neutral. My two main concerns are comfort, so would them to be small or possible angled nozzle? Along with being able to drive them, so low OHM and high sensitivity, right? As for what I listen to, I basically listen to everything, gaming movies, a lot of different music. My Narmoo's are to big and slightly harder to drive then I would like so looking for...
New to amps, so pardon me if I say something stupid. Can I run this on my desktop? Don't need a portable rig, would just need to be able to plug this in my PC then my IEM's. Trying to find an amp to start out.
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