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I think the problem is from from your pair or from your particular feel of the dt770 sound signature. Another headphone (if the problem is not from your hearing) should solve the issue. Maybe open back headphones with better soundstage are the solution. I have no experience with the 990. Do u have any other headphones to compare? Also if some cheaper(lower impedance) headphones work ok the problem may be related to the need of an amp.
Hi, I mostly use it to hear music and I didn't feel that. Maybe is an issue with the game. You should try with the Surround Dolby Test (you can find it on youtube). It's a quick test that can show you if the problem is really of the dt770.
The m50 and q40 seems to be more bass heavy than the hd 25-1 ii and the dt 1350. I think the 1350's have the most neutral signature of the four. The 25's have a more forward (a bit "in the face") sound signature, is quite good for rock and metal.
Nice, I have the same "rig"! Had you tried conecting it to a 3.0 Usb?
What do you thing about the sennheiser hd 25-1 II and beyerdynamic dt1350?
You should check the Phillips Citiscape downtown What kind of music do you hear?
The worst headphones are the ones of a 10 dollars Nokia. They just don't have mids/vocals.
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