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Hello,   I'm almost certain I'd like to buy these. I just bought a good Westone pair that get weak bass. I use them to ride my bike in the bedroom for workouts. Do these get excellent bass?   If they do I'll take them. Will you accept $185?   Thanks,   Steve
Hi, What is your asking price? Steve
I've got a pair of Westone 2's that are great except too light in the bass. I'm trying to spend the same $130-50 and get the great definition with more bass. Great bass in these? Impressive? Deep? Wow? Thanks! Steve P. S I've a headphone amp too
Hi, What are you asking for the ear sonics? Can you describe their bass performance? I have a pair of Westone's at the same price and the bass isn't low enough, although they do perform well. Thanks, Steve
Can you describe the bass response on these? Is it nice and deep? I use non-depressed iphone/MacBook tracks. Thanks, Steve
Hi, I'm not clear from your listing. Will you ship to US? Thanks! Steve
Hello,   Do you still have the pieces that fit on and arch above the backs of the ears? If not is there a place in the US I could order them from?   Thanks!   Steve
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