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 That makes two of us. As trivial as it may sound, it's maddening every time that darn thing gets flicked off the barrel by only the slightest of contact with my arm. It's an issue Etymotic really needs to take up and address.
 Thoroughly enjoyed it, great review mate!
You can find the red filters on the official Ety accessories store now, under part number ER38-50BN.   $15 for 6 (3 pairs).
The HF5 and ER4 share the definitive Ety DNA, only the ER4 does it a lot better. If you're considering an upgrade, I would recommend going the whole hog, skip the 4P and get the ER4S. The level of detail you get from these is absolutely mind blowing. At 100 ohms impedance, it's right at the limit with my iPhone 5 as source. Some quiet or low-gain encoded songs struggle, but most do fine.
Hi Amar,   If you like what you're getting out of the ER4P, I highly urge you to try out the ER4S (or the ER4P + P-S adapter). The result is simply sublime. In this price range, nothing comes close to matching it for detail retrieval.   As for filters, have you considered ordering them directly from the Etymotic website? It's USD15 for a set of 6 + USD2 for international shipping, which is about £10 and change. I'm using the red filters (as opposed to the default green...
 Me too. I can't imagine them enabling a resistor in the ER4P and going on to sell it as an ER4S at a higher price. That would be scandalous. :P
 That looks like a SPC "Baldur" cable. Search for Baldur upgrade cable on Ebay.
  Yes, the clip goes onto the lump that's before the y-split.
Ditto. Straight down with clip.
 The little 7-8kHz bump is a rather well-known characteristic of the ER4S. What it does different to the ER4P/HF is it keeps everything up, thus achieving a rather flattish response all the way until 10kHz or so. Believe it or not, the 7-8kHz bump is also there on the HF but it's less obvious because the response already starts dropping off from 1-2kHz. If you implement the same eq extension to the HF from 2-10kHz instead of just 6-10kHz, I'm pretty sure you will hear...
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